Baldauf 1862 Meisterstuck Cheese

Baldauf 1862 Meisterstuck Cheese_Cut & Wrapped by igourmet_Cheese
Baldauf 1862 Meisterstuck Cheese_Cut & Wrapped by igourmet_Cheese
Baldauf 1862 Meisterstuck Cheese_Cut & Wrapped by igourmet_Cheese

Cut & Wrapped by igourmet

Origin: Germany

Size: 7.5 ounce


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The Baldauf 1862 Meisterstück was named the best German cheese at the 2019 World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy, and in one taste you will see why! Master cheesemakers at Baldauf have crafted this superb cheese from homemade cheese cultures and fresh, unpasteurized milk from Allgauer Braunvieh cows that feed exclusively on hay and grass. Slow ripened and aged for 8 months, the 1862 Meisterstück has a natural rind and exceptional aroma and taste. Ripening and refining is a delicate process that Baldauf has perfected, and master cheesemakers handcraft each individual form with care in their own ripening cellars. This slow and gradual process results in a cheese that is aromatic, full of flavor and a true expression of the land.

The beauty of Baldauf cheeses is in the 'hay milk' that is collected from the 'Allgäuer Braunvieh' cow breed that feeds exclusively on hay in the winter months and grasses during the summer. This breed is prized for producing a higher quality milk that makes up only 5% of all milk production in Germany. Baldauf is only one of a few producers in Germany using this hay milk in their complete line of cheeses, and this milk is delivered fresh every morning from small farms in the Allgau region.

Baldauf is situated in the beautiful and serene Allgau region of Germany and was founded in 1862 by businessman Martin Baldauf, who was one of the first to distribute Emmental cheese. With a deep respect for the home region of Allgau, Balduaf continues to support and maintain a close relationship with the local farmers and surrounding alpine dairies. The master cheesemakers at Baldauf continue to carry the legacy of cheesemaking in the region, honoring tradition and the love for producing a pure, quality cheese. Relying on handicraft, tradition and the best milk, Baldauf cheeses stand the test of time.

  • Made from unpasteurized cow's milk.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand from a 28.6 lb. form of cheese
Baldauf 1862 Meisterstuck Cheese

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