Cheese Storage Bags

Cheese Storage Bags
Cheese Storage Bags
Cheese Storage Bags
Cheese Storage Bags
Cheese Storage Bags


Size: 4.0 ounce



We’ve partnered with the only manufacturer of cheese storage bags made of professional cheese packaging, to bring you our very own bags created specifically for cheese preservation. Proper storage of your cheese preserves the purity of its flavor while extending its shelf life. These bags are made out of a unique material that allows the cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity, so your cheeses will taste fresher, for longer.

Each package contains six 6.25" x 11" cheese bags.


If gourmet cheese is a staple in your refrigerator, then these bags, made from the same packaging European cheesemongers use, are for you. Just like fruits do as they ripen, cheeses release gasses as they age. When cheese is wrapped in plastic, foil or stashed in a plastic container, these gasses get trapped and can impart a sharp ammonia taste to the cheese.

Made from a unique, breathable material that allows air to circulate and simultaneously prevents moisture loss, these bags will help maintain the freshness, texture, and flavor of your artisan cheeses.


1. Note the cheese name, milk type, and date on the cheese bag.

2. Slide cheese into the bag.

3. Fold the bag (starting from the open side). Be sure to fully enclose the cheese so none of it is exposed to air for the best results.

4. Store in the refrigerator with the fold under the cheese to seal.

* Reuse the same bag for the same type of cheese until butterfat stains become visible on the paper, then switch it out for a new one.

Cheese Storage Bags

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