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We have built a reputation for importing cheeses of the highest quality from around the world.

Each month our cheese experts will introduce you to three or four exceptional cheeses. Whether we're showcasing unique cheeses from a particular region of Italy, or giving a comparison of different artisan cheesemakers in America, you'll receive a world-class education in the best cheeses from around the world!

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What's Inside The Box?

International Cheese Assortment

A curated selection of 3 or 4 different cheeses (total weight: approx. 1 pound) plus 2 pairing accompaniments like jams, crackers, and charcuterie meats.


Accompanying each month’s shipment you will find a helpful newsletter to guide you through your new cheese selections. Each month you will learn about the history, origin and flavor profile of your cheese along with suggested wine pairings and serving suggestions to enrich your experience. You may be taken on a tour of a specific region or country like France or Ireland, or be presented with a selection from a particular farm or cheesemaker, or perhaps be introduced to a particular style for you to compare and contrast.

How Does It Work?


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Choose the number of deliveries with a 3, 6, or 12 month plan, or select Recurring. This pay-as-you-go option allows you to cancel or pause monthly delivery at any time.


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Our subscriptions ship the 3rd week of each month.
If you place your order after the 15th of the month your first box will ship the next month.

Every one of our monthly subscription's price includes the shipping and handling cost, so there will not be any increases or additional billing for shipping for the duration of your subscription.

*Surcharges apply to orders shipping to P.O. Boxes and Outside the Continental U.S.

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