Gnocchi - Gourmet Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

Gnocchi are soft Italian dumplings, made of semolina, flour, potatoes, breadcrumbs or other ingredients mixed with flour and eggs. Gnocchi is an ancient dish with origins that can be traced back to the Middle East. During Roman times, Gnocchi became a staple in Italy, and was introduced to Europe through the expansion of the Roman Empire. The earliest known recipes for Gnocchi can be found in cookbooks dating back to the 1300s.

It is believed that the word Gnocchi is derived from the word nocchio, meaning knot in the wood, or nocca, meaning knuckle. Over time, recipes and ingredients for Gnocchi have varied with each region that has produced it. For instance, "Semolina Gnocchi" from Rome is traditionally baked with cheese, yet Tuscan Gnocchi Gnudi is made of ricotta cheese and spinach.

Gnocchi is closely related to pasta. Traditionally, dumplings made of flour and water are considered pasta, while dumplings made with other ingredients are considered Gnocchi. Gnocchi, which are usually formed into the shape of sea shells, are easy to prepare are often served with melted butter or with a pesto or tomato sauce.

Potato Gnocchi, the most popular form of Gnocchi today, was developed the 1600s after the potato was introduced to Europe. Potato Gnocchi are excellent served with hearty Bolognese sauces. offers genuine potato and wheat flour Gnocchi that do not require refrigeration. They are sealed in an oxygen-depleted bag that leaves them soft to the touch and which allows easy preparation. To find the best gourmet foods and gift baskets online, begin your search at

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