Blue Cheese - Cheese Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

The world of Blue Cheese is diverse and exciting, with a wide range of sharpness, creaminess and flavors available to the consumer. The major dividing factor for Blue Cheese lovers is whether the cheese is creamy or crumbly. Creamy Blue Cheese is often a younger variety. Its higher moisture content and percentage butterfat makes creamy Blue Cheese perfect for spreading over bread, crackers or fresh fruit. Some creamy Blue Cheeses are made richer by the addition of cream to the curd during the cheesemaking process, resulting in a luxuriously smooth Blue Cheese whose texture resembles a Brie or even a triple cream. Crumbly Blue Cheeses are those that have less butterfat and have been aged for a longer period of time. The aging process reduces the moisture content in the Blue Cheese and creates a denser curd. Harder, crumbly Blue Cheese is perfect for crumbling atop salad for Blue Cheese dressing applications. The two different Blue Cheese styles - creamy and crumbly - can be seen in many types of Blue Cheese, such as the younger, creamier Gorgonzola Dolce and the mature, more crumbly Mountain Gorgonzola.

In choosing a Blue Cheese for your table, a general rule of thumb is that creamy blues are usually milder than the crumbly ones. This is because the extended aging of crumbly blues allows the veining of blue mold to spread deeper through the cheese, concentrating and intensifying the Blue Cheese flavor. This is something to keep in mind while serving Blue Cheese, as milder blues are best paired with light accompaniments, like acacia honey, grapes, celery, and crusty baguettes. Bold, crumbly Blue Cheeses are well suited to pairing with dark honey, chuntey, walnuts, or melting on top of steaks and burgers.

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