The Wurst Gift Box

The Wurst Gift Box_igourmet_Meat Gifts
The Wurst Gift Box_igourmet_Meat Gifts


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We’ve gathered the very best of the wurst, for our ultimate Bavarian gift box. You’ll find a regional selection of German sausages, from bratwurst from the South to knackwurst from the North, and of course, everything you’ll need to go with them, from spicy mustard to tangy sauerkraut. All you’ll need to bring is the beer. Prost!  

Howe’s Bavarian Bratwurst: Nuremberg Rostbratwurst has been made in Nuremberg, Germany for over 700 years, and has a protected geographical indication. As a certified regional specialty, this means that these nitrate-free all-pork links are made to much higher standards than run-of-the-mill sausages. 

Bavarian Sweet & Spicy Mustard by Schaller & Weber: Leave it to a renowned Bavarian-inspired butcher shop to craft the ideal topper for German specialties of all sorts. This smooth, sweet, and slightly spicy mustard is an ideally tangy counterpoint to bratwurst, weisswurst, soft pretzels and more.  

Barrel Sauerkraut: Kuhne makes their sauerkraut in Hamburg, using a traditional German recipe. Which means, the only ingredients are white cabbage and salt, fermented until pleasantly sour and tender, with just a little bit of crunch. It’s excellent with meat of any sort, from sausages to ham to goose, and can be gussied up with spices such as juniper berries or coriander seeds. 

Weisswurst: Sometimes known as bockwurst, this pale Bavarian sausage is considered the king of Oktoberfest. Schaller & Weber replicates the original recipe by using a finely ground mix of pork and veal, flavored with parsley and mildly spiced. 

Café Select St. Galler Wurst: This sausage is a collaboration between the German-style butchers at Schaller & Weber and Café Select—a renowned Swiss restaurant in NYC. Inspired by Switzerland’s famous St. Galler Bratwurst, it features a fine mixture of pork and veal, blended with milk, lemon zest, cardamom, nutmeg, and just a hint of mace.  

Knackwurst by Schaller and Weber: Meatier and weightier than bratwurst, this Northern German sausage is generously stuffed with pork and beef, before being smoked over hardwood. 

Bratwurst by Nodines: This family-owned business may be based in New England’s Berkshires, but they know their way around a German sausage. Their heat-and-eat brats are crafted in small batches using the highest quality pork, mixed with milk, onions and warm spices and lightly smoked. 

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The Wurst Gift Box

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