The Ultimate Gourmet Luxury Gift Box

The Ultimate Gourmet Luxury Gift Box


SKU: G769

The Ultimate Gourmet Luxury Gift Crate_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
The Ultimate Gourmet Luxury Gift Crate_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
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The Ultimate Gourmet Luxury Gift Crate_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
The Ultimate Gourmet Luxury Gift Crate_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
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SKU: G769

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This gift of our favorite artisan products is sure to impress any globe-trotting connoisseur! Generous pound-cuts of our favorite, premium cheeses are paired with the classic snacking accompaniments of cured meats, nuts, and crackers. All you need to do is add your favorite bottle of wine and start snacking! This gift crate includes:

  • Manchego: Manchego is Spain's most famous cheese and a must have on any tapas platter. Produced in La Mancha in Central Spain, this true Manchego is made from 100% sheep's milk. (1 lb )
  • Collier's Cheddar: Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar was developed from the mining traditions of South Wales. This sharp cheddar is perfect for slicing and snacking, or using in your favorite recipes. (1 lb )
  • Artikaas Gouda Cheese - Aged 36 Months: Aged 36 months and revered for its rich flavors of butterscotch, whiskey and pecan, Vintage Lot 36 has a deep ocher interior and a firm, crumbly texture. True to the characteristics of the unique milk used, this cheese retains a creamy mouthful. Its complex flavors develop slowly as it matures for 36 months in a state-of-the-art aging facility, and is studded with crunchy, mouthwatering crystals that surprise the palate. (1/2 lb )
  • Cave-Aged Emmental: Matured to perfection, Cave Aged Emmental is a special taste experience! Since 1782, this unique raw cow's milk Emmental has been aged for 12 months in sandstone caves. (1 lb )
  • Camembert La Petite Reine: A traditional handmade Camembert from a small producer in Normandy. Made from premium quality milk. (8.8 oz)
  • Iberico: Thinly sliced in a 2 ounce vacuum-sealed package, this lomo is sure to be the star of any tapas platter! (2 oz)
  • Belgian Cookies: Traditional 19th century cookie made with pure butter, sugar and eggs. Crispy and thin, they are great with coffee or tea. (3.5 oz)
  • Salami Tartufo: A beautiful pairing of artisan salumi and aromatic black truffles! The truffles' delicate aroma works magic with the all-natural pork to create the Salami Tartufo. (5.5 oz)
  • Fried & Salted Marcona Almonds: Spain's most prized possession comes in the form of a smooth, tan almond. Known as the "Queen of Almonds", the Marcona is the most precious in Spain and is indigenous to the country. It is sweet and softer than most almonds. These Marconas are peeled, fried in sunflower oil, and salted to highlight the almond's flavor, not overpower it. (4 oz)
  • Caramelized Pecans from Spain: Long and plump, these caramelized pecans are the perfect sweet snack. Simple ingredients are the key, just pecans, sugar and sunflower oil. If you can stop yourself from eating them straight out of the container, these perfect pecans from Spain are dynamite sprinkled over a salad. Served along with a fresh goat cheese or blue cheese, you get the perfect dynamic of sweet and salt.
  • Raincoast Crisps: These Canada-crafted crisps are great to nibble on their own, but they really shine when topped with your favorite dip, cheese, pâté or antipasto. They’re the perfect entertaining food to draw a crowd - whether it's a casual get-together or an elegant cocktail party. This is why they're called "a crispy conversation starter." (6 oz)
  • Italian Roast Coffee: A fragrant coffee imported from Italy with a delicate flavor, smooth aroma, and reduced caffeine content. (8.8 oz)
  • Stroop Waffles: These syrup waffles are a favorite of adults and children in Holland, Switzerland, Germany, and now here in the US! (9 oz)
  • Kitchen Sink Chocolate Bar:  Sweet & salty combine in this decadent chocolate candy bar by Mayana. (3.5 oz)

  • French Waffle Crackers: Nestled in the heart of French Flanders in Erquinghem-Lys near Lille, Trésors Gourmands brings you flavor-filled savory waffle-style crackers. Lightly salted, they have just the right amount of savor to not overpower your topping, and are just the right thickness to not fall apart when dressed. (3.3 oz)
  • Cheese Storage Bags: These bags are made out of a unique material that allows the cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity, so your cheeses will taste fresher, for longer. (Each package contains six 6.25" x 11" cheese bags)
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The Ultimate Gourmet Luxury Gift Box

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