The International Snacking Extravaganza Box


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G2057_igourmet_the sweet and savory snacking extravaganza_gift box
G2057_igourmet_the sweet and savory snacking extravaganza_gift box
G2057_igourmet_the sweet and savory snacking extravaganza_gift box
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G2057_igourmet_the sweet and savory snacking extravaganza_gift box
G2057_igourmet_the sweet and savory snacking extravaganza_gift box
G2057_igourmet_the sweet and savory snacking extravaganza_gift box
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SKU: G2057

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You’ll be fluent in the language of snacking! We’ve pulled sweet and savory inspiration from countries all around the world (not to mention a few places here at home) for this absolute snackstravaganza of a box.


  • French Shortbread Cookies:  Filet Bleu cookies have been enjoyed for almost a century. These delicious French Shortbread biscuits are bursting with coconut flavor, and it is easy to see why it is one of their most popular flavors. (8 oz.)
  • Kitchen Sink Chocolate Bar:  Sweet & salty combine in this decadent chocolate candy bar by Mayana. (3.5 oz)

  • Tortas de Aceite: A traditional product of Seville, Spain, these round, olive oil-brushed flatbreads are individually formed by hand, to achieve the perfect light and flaky texture. Perfect with a cup of coffee. (6.34 oz.) 
  • Caramelized Walnuts from Spain: Known as Nueces Acarameladas, these crunchy Spanish walnuts are simply roasted with sugar and sunflower oil, to form the ideal complement for fresh pears or salty blue cheese. Delicious straight out of the jar! (3.5 oz.)
  • Bloody Mary Olives: Luscious, smooth, buttery olives are marinated in a robust and savory Bloody Mary brine. Pairs perfectly as a drink garnish, paired with burrata, or served on a charcuterie board. (6.7 oz.)
  • Raincoast Crisps: Baked in small batches, these Canadian fruit and nut-studded crisps make instant appetizers when topped with combos like brie and salami, or capicola and tapenade. A tasty nibble on their own too. (6 oz.)
  • Sal de Ibiza Mixed Nuts: This luxurious Sal de Ibiza nut mix adds a refined touch to snacking. A careful blend of fruity-sweet Muscatel raisins, extra-crunchy Brazil nuts, fine cashews, aromatic almonds, California walnuts, and luscious hazelnuts is delicately seasoned – not salted – with their Fleur de Sel. (2.82 oz.)
  • Isola Frollini Biscuits: This authentic Italian Biscuit has just the right taste to complement soft and hard cheeses like Robiola or Parmigiano. Ideal crunchy texture pairs well with fruits and desserts, dipped in coffee or a favorite drink.      (31.8 oz.)
  • Righteous Felon Jerky: Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel specializes in producing and trafficking high-potency beef jerky made with illegal combinations of unique, all-natural ingredients. (2 oz.)
  • Rodeo Jax-Bacon Caramel Popcorn by Black Pig Meat Company: This guilty pleasure is a salty & sweet treat of pig! (5 oz.)
  • Shar Trail Mix: This impossibly good trail mix is handcrafted in Austin, TX. Healthy, delicious and ethical all in this one snack! (3.7 oz.)

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The International Snacking Extravaganza Box

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