Milk Chocolate Couverture Baking Discs 40%


SKU: 10283

Milk Chocolate Couverture Baking Discs 40%


Origin: France

Origin: France


/ 6.6 pound

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SKU: 10283

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Creamy and Chocolatey: Jivara captivates with the pronounced flavor of its creamy chocolatey notes, combined with the ultimate notes of vanilla and malt.

Similar to Valrhona's efforts over nearly 30 years to showcase dark chocolates (mainly by creating Guanaja), it has raised the standards for milk chocolate with Jivara. Jivara was actually the first milk chocolate to offer a prominent flavor profile with genuine cocoa taste.

Valrhona is one of France's most renowned chocolatiers. Home cooks, bakers, and chocolate aficionados are invited to savor the range of Valrhona Chocolate for melting and baking.

Imported from France.


Milk Chocolate Couverture (40% cocoa minimum, pure cocoa butter) Ingredients: Cocoa butter, Whole milk powder, Sugar, Cocoa beans, Brown sugar, Natural vanilla extract, Emulsifier (soya lecithin), Barley malt extract. This product contains traces of nuts.

Nutrition Facts

Milk Chocolate Couverture Baking Discs 40% by Valrhona

Serving Size 20g Total Servings 150

Amount Per Serving

Calories 116.4

Calories from Fat 75

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 8.1g

Saturated Fat 5g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholestrol 0mg

Sodium 13mg

Total Carbohydrates 9.3g

Dietary Fiber 0g

Sugars 9g

Protein 1.5g

Vitamin A


Vitamin C






Vitamin E


Milk Chocolate Couverture Baking Discs 40%

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