Oriental Zen Tea

When painting in Guizhou province, Jacky Lee discovered a village destroying ancient tea trees for lumber and upsetting the natural ecological balance. He organized a group of people to explain the value and importance of the wild crop and teach the residents how to create value and maintain sustainability by harvesting the wild tea leaves.

The natural environment in the Fanjing Mountains is the perfect setting for wild tea trees. The local villagers go into the forest to pick full, wild tea leaves which are then hand-processed into different wild tea types. Pesticides are never used, ensuring the ecological balance continues undisturbed. The tea trees range from 100 to 1000 years old, and aside from picking the tea leaves they are largely left alone by the local residents. The tea is tested pesticide-free in the United States as per USDA National Organic Program standards.

A portion of each wild tea sale goes to help the local community in Guizhou, building better schools for children of the wild leaf pickers.