Smoked Ham - Gourmet Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

Smoked Ham is a pork product that is the cooked or cured, then smoked, hind leg of a pig. Smoked Ham may either be a dry cured ham or a cooked dinner ham. A Smoked Ham is smoked after the curing process. The curing process preserves the ham and usually includes injecting the ham with salt, sugar and other preservatives. The smoking process includes hanging a cured ham in a smokehouse, and allowing the soon-to-be Smoked Ham to absorb the smoke from smoldering wood fires. This process adds not only flavor and color to the ham, but also controls bacteria growth from chemicals present in the smoke. Historically, smokehouses were used not only to smoke meats, but also to store them during cold winters.

In terms of U.S. labeling, Hams that are "Smoked" must be hung over burning wood chips in a smokehouse, or be sprayed with an atomized "Liquid Smoke". Liquid Smoke is a liquid derived from smoke that imparts a smokey flavor in foods. While foods do not actually undergo a smoking process with burning wood chips when Liquid Smoke is used, foods that have Liquid Smoke added may not be labeled "smoked" but must be labeled "smoked flavor added". igourmet only features truly Smoked Hams, not those prepared using Liquid Smoke. Products labeled as Hickory Smoked Hams may only be smoked with hickory wood.

Types of Smoked Hams:

Le Cochon d'Or Smoked Ham: This Canadian Ham is cured and smoked with a mix of herbs and spices. We offer all-natural Le Cochon d'Or Smoked Ham in two flavors, Baked Black Forest or Honey.

Speck: This dry cured Ham from the German and Italian Alps is smoked with applewood and coated with a secret blend of spices, usually including juniper berries. Speck is a rich, sweet Smoked Ham that has many uses in the kitchen.

Westphalian Ham: This cold-smoked German Ham is smoked over beech wood chips and cured for up to six months. Dark brown in color, Westphalian Ham has a mild smoky flavor.

Alpen Schinken: This German dry cured Smoked Ham is a flavorful lean ham sliced in paper thin layers. Think of it as a German alternative to Prosciutto.

Tasso Ham: Tasso Ham is a Cajun spiced ham, seasoned with red pepper, garlic and other seasonings and smoked for a full two days.

We offer hard-to-find gourmet Smoked Hams in styles like baked, glazed, smoked ham, honey ham and more. While you won't find Ham Radio information here, your eggs won't find a better partner than our premium Smoked Ham. Carefully smoked over select wood embers, we have varieties that are lightly smoked or with a heavy smoky bite. Smoked Ham, a vital part of American food culture, has a special focus at

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