Kosher Food - Gourmet Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

Buy Kosher Food online from! Kosher Food is food that is fit for consumption based on the Jewish religion's dietary laws known as kashrut. The word Kosher is derived from the Hebrew word meaning "fit", referring to food that meets the requirements of kashrut. Kosher certifications are based on the ingredients of the food and the equipment used to process the food. All Kosher Food requires certification by an on-site rabbi (he needs to be on premises during production) from a kosher certification authority. Each agency has its own trademarked symbol which is labeled on the certified Kosher Food’s packaging. This symbol distinguishes the agencies from one another, and while there are hundreds of kosher certification agencies, OU, OK and KOF-K are three of the largest kosher certification agencies in the US.

There are some basic kashrut rules that determine whether or not a food can be labeled a Kosher Food. For instance, certain animals may not be eaten, which includes their meat, milk and eggs. In order to be harvested for Kosher Food, birds and mammals must be slaughtered in a prescribed way. Cheese is considered a Kosher Food if it is made from vegetarian rennet, microbial rennet, or rennet from kosher animals. Meat and milk are never to be processed or eaten together, including the utensils that are used to eat them. Pareve is food that is neither meat nor milk or their derivates and may be eaten in conjunction with meat or milk. Fruit, vegetables and grains are usually kosher but must be free from insects, and both wine and grape juice must be certified to be considered kosher.

Any Kosher Food that is cooked or processed with a non-kosher food is considered non-kosher, so all cooking utensils and surfaces used to prepare Kosher Food must be kept separate from non-kosher cooking utensils and surfaces. Due to certification and extra supervision, many health-conscious individuals prefer Kosher Foods, since Kosher Food is often viewed as high quality, clean, and safe.

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