Kobe Beef - Gourmet Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

Kobe Beef is the highly-prized beef from black Tajima-gyu cattle of Hyogo, Japan. Kobe Beef is a delicacy in Japan, a rare cut of beef that is known for its tenderness, exquisite juicy flavor, and intense marbling.

In Japan, strict guidelines ensure that beef labeled Kobe must be processed in the Kobe region of Japan. Japanese cattle, including the Tajima breed but also some other excellent breeds, have been exported to the US for breeding, leading to the American Wagyu label. In fact, some American Wagyu are raised in the US and returned to Japan for final processing for their domestic consumption. The amount of marbled fat in Kobe Beef contributes to its creamy mouth-watering flavor, so Kobe Beef is graded based on the amount of marbled fat along with texture, firmness, color, and fat quality. The more marbled fat, the more delectable the taste, hence the higher grade. Most Kobe Beef is graded at least two grades higher than the highest grade in the US, that being USDA Prime.

How Much Is Kobe Beef?
Kobe Beef on sale in the US is domestically produced and not imported from Japan. The biggest question people ask is "How Much is Kobe Beef?". People who order Kobe Beef will testify that no price is too high, but that may be an exaggeration. American Wagyu Kobe Beef steak prices tend to equal those of other high end steaks like Elite Black Angus or Piedmontese.

The health benefits of Kobe beef are notable. Kobe Beef from Wagyu cattle has a higher percentage of monounsaturated fat (healthy fat), and higher levels of oleic acid (the healthy fatty acid that reduces bad cholesterol) than other breeds of cattle. Kobe beef will literally melt in your mouth, as the beef will start to dissolve at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Kobe beef should be cooked no more than medium rare for unsurpassed flavor.

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