Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - Gourmet Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

Jamaican Coffee, specifically Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, is one of the rarest and finest coffees in the world. Jamaican Coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The cool climate, high rainfall and rich soil in the Blue Mountains create the ideal coffee growing conditions. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is typically grown between 3,000 ft and 5,000 ft, with lower quality varieties grown at elevations under 3,000 ft.

Coffee was first introduced to Jamaica in the early 1700s. Once it was discovered that the coffee grown in Jamaica was of high quality, coffee plantations grew rapidly, and by 1800 there were over 600 Jamaican Coffee plantations in operation. In the early 1800s, economic conditions saw the coffee industry in Jamaica decline, yet within the last century the industry has been sustained by small Jamaican Coffee producers. The Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee production is overseen by the Coffee Industry Control Board of Jamaica. The Coffee Industry Control Board protects the quality of Jamaican Coffee, promotes the industry and protects the welfare of its workers.

A high-quality cup of Jamaican Coffee is mild and smooth in acidity, with practically no bitterness, and is full-bodied, with an exotic berry-like flavor. This berry quality is not so subtle, so even a coffee lover with an untrained palate can recognize the superb quality of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. While it is somewhat true that the best (top graded) Jamaican Coffee beans are hoarded every year by high paying Asian buyers, it is still possible for American consumers to sample an exceptional Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Our supplier, Amber Estate, is a boutique roaster and rather than selling their green beans at auction to the highest bidder, they do their own roasting and packaging and focus on the tourist and internet markets. Our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee from Amber Estate is all Number 1 Grade (the highest) and fresh roasted just hours before being sent to igourmet for delivery to US customers.

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