Herbal Tea - Gourmet Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

Herbal Teas, also called Tisanes, are made from pieces of dried fruit, flowers, herbs and berries. Tisanes have a full-bodied flavor and, as they are simply Herbal Tea, are caffeine-free. They taste great hot or iced, and are popular year-round. Herbal Tea blends can also be mixed with black or green teas, adding mint or fruit flavors to traditional caffeinated brews.

Herbal Tea is not technically a tea at all, as a tea leaf comes from a specific plant called the tea plant. Instead, Herbal Tea is a liquid infusion made brewing pieces of dried fruit, flowers and berries. Herbal Tea is commonly called an "herbal infusion" or "botanical". Herbal Tea dates back to ancient Egypt and China. Herbal Tea has been prescribed for thousands of years as a homeopathic remedy, religious offering, and enjoyed for health benefits as well as flavor. In China, Herbal Tea is known as liang cha, meaning cooling tea, often ingested as a remedy for illness.

Herbal teas are made by pouring boiling water over the fruit, flower or berry pieces. Brewing times vary based on the type of Herbal Tea being infused. The Herbal Tea is then strained and may be sweetened. Roots or seeds may also be boiled to create an herbal tea.

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