Flavored Coffee - Gourmet Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

Flavored Coffee Production
Flavored coffee has been enjoyed for hundreds of years. In ancient times, nuts, spices and coffee were said to be blended to make Flavored Coffee by peoples of the Middle East and areas of South Africa. In more recent years, flavored coffees are often made by adding a flavored coffee syrup to brewed coffee, adding a bit of zest. Another method to create a flavored coffee is by infusing the coffee bean directly with flavoring oils during the roasting process. Flavors for Flavored Coffee fall into categories such as spices, fruits, chocolate, nuts, or creme. As demand for gourmet coffee has grown in recent years, so has the desire for new and unusual varieties of flavored coffee.

To make the best flavored coffee, start by ensuring that the flavoring agents are as close to all natural as possible. Whether the flavored coffee is made by the roaster or by you with the aid of a syrup, a quality coffee bean is still desirable, as you should not overly flavor the coffee to the point where the quality of the coffee itself becomes indiscernable. Look for estate grown coffee beans that have been optimally roasted. It is attention to detail in every aspect of the roasting process that results in flavorful, delicious coffee every time. 

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