Farmers Cheese - Cheese Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

Farmers cheese is so named for the very reason you would think. It is a simple recipe that farmers can make at home with their own milk production. Farmers Cheese in the US and Poland is an unripened cheese that looks similar, at first glance, to cottage cheese. This style of Farmers Cheese is made by converting milk to curds then pressing the curds through a cheesecloth in order to drain the whey. The result is a mild, creamy and soft multi-purpose cheese. Called Twarog or Bialy Ser in Poland, this fresh-style of Farmers Cheese is most commonly used as a filling for dumplings, pierogies, blintzes or ravioli, but may also be lightly seasoned and crumbled on salads or spread on bread.

The Scandinavan version of Farmers Cheese is quite different. Swedish Farmers Cheese is a Havarti-style cheese called Hushallsost or Bondost. Swedish Farmers Cheese is a sweet, mild, unassuming, semi-soft cheese that pairs nicely with a light, crisp white wine and melts evenly.

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