Chutney - Gourmet Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

Buy Chutney online from! Chutney is a sweet and savory condiment, as if a jam got involved with a relish. Chutney contains a mixture of fruits, vegetables, vinegar, sugar and spices. Ingredients are mixed and simmered together to blend their flavors. The balance between sweet, hot and sour flavors in Chutney makes this product category infinitely interesting. Chutneys may be fresh or cooked, chunky or smooth, spicy or mild, and wet or dry. Chutney may be used in a way similar to jams or jellies, but are also delicious accompaniments to meats, cheeses and Indian or Asian prepared dishes.

Chutney originated in India, with each region of India having its own traditional Chutney. By the 17th century, Chutney was imported to England and western Europe. Western European Chutney was initially referred to as "mangoed", as mango was the most common ingredient used in the preparation. Chutney has since become a staple in Great Britain and is prominently featured in the British Ploughman's Lunch, a meal that includes crusty bread, cold cuts and cheese.

In India, Chutneys is often served with curry dishes and as a side to cooked meats. East Indians introduced Chutney to the islands of the Caribbean, and there Chutney is made with tropical fruits. Today, Chutney is a common accompaniment to Caribbean dishes, especially fish.

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