Chocolate Fondue - Gourmet Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

This typical Swiss dessert called Fondue de Chocolat is now popular here in the US. Chocolate Fondue can be enjoyed at home in a pot or fondue set. We also offer all-inclusive dessert kits that include their own jar or bowl and you simply heat them in the microwave. Fondue fountains have become very popular at weddings and elegant parties as well.

Chocolate Fondue is simply chocolate, perhaps spiked with caramel, orange or other complementary flavorings, then melted, perhaps with a drop or two of cream or milk. The melted Chocolate Fondue should have the consistency of a sauce that is just thick enough to adhere to the fruit pieces that are dipped into it. Chocolate fondue was derived from cheese fondue in the 1950s, which follows the similar concept of dipping bread into melted cheese.

Chocolate Fondue is available in many variations, including milk, dark and white chocolate flavors. Strawberries, bananas, pineapples, melon, apples, marshmallows, cakes, cookies and nuts are just some of the delicious pairings for Chocolate Fondue. Flavored liqueur may be added to jazz up your Chocolate Fondue. Experiment and explore to create your favorite Chocolate Fondue recipe.

In recent years, Chocolate Fondue fountains have gained popularity and are often found at weddings, parties and gatherings. Smaller Chocolate Fondue fountains are now available for at-home use. A quick and easy alternative to the fountain is the typical Chocolate Fondue pot. When paired with ready-to-heat Chocolate Fondue mixes, available in convenient ready-made kits that can be heated on the stove or in the microwave, there is no more simple-yet-elegant dessert than Chocolate Fondue.

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