Cheese Slicer - Cheese Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

The modern handheld Cheese Slicer, specifically the plane type, was invented in 1925 by Norwegian Thor Bjørklund. Employed as a carpenter, he based the design for his Cheese Slicer on a carpenter's plane. The Bjorklund Cheese Slicer is perfect for portioning cheese into thin uniform slices. Some handheld Cheese Slicers have forked tips at the end for serving the cheese slice.

First launched for the consumer market in 1971, the board-style Cheese Slicer was designed to cut soft and hard cheeses. The board-style Cheese Slicer does not have a sharp blade but rather a thin gauge stainless steel wire mounted on a swing arm. The wire slices through a block of cheese with hand pressure. Cutting surfaces are available in such materials as stainless steel, plastic, or marble, which keeps the cheese cool.

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