Cheese Knife - Cheese Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

The Cheese Knife, quite possibly the most essential cheese utensil for the kitchen, is a special type of knife designed explicitly for cutting cheese. The industry has become so advanced that there are differentiated Cheese Knives for soft cheeses, semi-soft cheeses and hard cheeses. A Cheese Knife for a soft cheese is designed with holes or gaps in the broad side of the blade, such that the cheese will stick less vigorously to the stainless steel. Cheese Knives for hard cheeses need solid, sturdy construction and often have two handles so the user can exert additional pressure when cutting. In fact, Cheese Knife Gift Sets have special blades for cubing, slicing, shredding, chipping. and serving. Many Cheese Knives incorporate a forked tip for easy serving after cutting.

Girolle: The Girolle is a very special type of Cheese Knife created for scraping Tete de Moine Swiss cheese into thin ruffles, or rosettes. The name Girolle comes from the shape of Chanterelle mushrooms, which the cheese rosettes resemble. The Girolle's construction consists of a vertical rod mounted in the middle of a round cheese board. The Tete de Moine cheese is placed on the rod, then a blade is attached. The blade is then cranked to scrape the cheese and produce the rosettes. The Girolle is a highly recommended Cheese Knife Gift for the cheese lover and great for use at parties and gatherings.

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