Caramels - Gourmet Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

Sweet, sticky, and irresistible, Caramels and Chocolate-Covered Caramels are favorite treats for any serious sweet tooth. Primarily sugar, Caramels are created by heating sugar until it begins to brown and caramelize. The browning gives these tempting candies a nutty, smoky, brown sugar-like flavor, while boiling the sugars gives Caramel its pliable, taffy-like texture. Caramels cooked to higher temperatures will be firmer and chewier, with a darker flavor, while Caramels cooked to lower temperatures will be softer with a lighter flavor.

To make Gourmet Caramels, butter, milk, corn syrup, salt and/or flavorings are added to the boiling sugar. The butter and milk help to soften the texture and makes the Caramel candy easier to chew. Some confectioners then dip the Caramels in chocolate, or add a sprinkling of chopped nuts or sel gris to play off the salty-sweet combination.

Caramel In Desserts
Caramels are often enjoyed on their own, as in the classic French confection, Salted Butter Caramels. Caramel can also be poured hot over ice cream for a classic, indulgent Sundae. Spain's most famous dessert, Flan, is known as Crème Caramel in many parts of the world. This dessert features a soft caramel on top of creamy custard. Dulce de Leche is another popular Caramel product.

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