Cabot Cheese - Cheese Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

"There's efficiency and strength when we work together." This is the motto behind which the Cabot Creamery Cooperative has stood since their founding by Vermont Farmers in 1919. The owners of Cabot Cheese are farmers working to provide the freshest milk possible to turn into Cabot Cheese and award-winning Cabot Cheddar. From that point, their master cheesemakers carefully age their cheeses until they deem them to be perfect enough to live up to the original farmer’s standards and the Cabot Cheese name.

Cabot Cheese produces a wide range of products, but Cheddar is their most extensive and best-selling line. All Cabot Cheese is pasteurized, gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarians.

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History of Cabot Cheese
Cabot Creamery Cooperative was founded in 1919, when farming was a low-cost occupation and many family farms produced far more milk than they could sell on their own. The original idea behind the Cabot Cooperative was that these farmers could band together to make butter, a more stable product than milk, and sell it throughout Vermont and the rest of New England.

The original cooperative consisted of ninety-four farmers, who paid their due of $5 per cow plus a cord of wood to fuel the creamery's 1890s-era boiler. The Cabot Co-op sold its butter under the brand name of Rosedale. They did not actually sell under the Cabot Cheese name until quite recently – the 1980s.

As America changed, many Eastern cities found themselves rapidly expanding as their populations skyrocketed. Cabot's farmers used this to their advantage and became a principal supplier, sending their milk and butter south. As more Americans moved away from farming, the Vermont farmers found themselves supplying a greater and greater area.

In 1930s Cabot took on a new venture, and history changed forever, when they hired their first cheesemaker. In 1989 Cabot Cheese won first place in the Cheddar category at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest held in Green Bay, Wisconsin This trend continued in the 90s, as Cabot Cheese won every major cheese tasting award over the next few years.

Types of Cabot Cheese
Cabot Cheese produces a range of cheddars, from mild to 5 year sharp, along with a range of popular flavored cheddars. Three of the most popular flavored Cabot Cheese varieties are habanero, horseradish, and jalapeno. Cabot also has a line of deli cheeses, including Swiss, Monterey Jack, Colby, Muenster, and American.

Cabot Cheese also works with Jasper Hill Farm of Greensboro, VT on a line of aged specialty cheeses. Cabot Cheese produces 35 pound wheels of Clothbound Cheddar, and then delivers them to Jasper Hill to be carefully aged for 10-14 months. This produces a cheese with the flavors of farmhouse craftsmanship. The success of hte Cabot Clothbound program comes from the cheesemaking skill of Cabot Cheese personnel and their high quality co-op sourced milk.

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