Bloody Mary Mix - Gourmet Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

Bloody Mary is the signature brunch cocktail. Like so many of the finer things in life, the perfect Bloody Mary's secret lies in its simplicity. The best Bloody Mary comes together when top quality vodka is blended with a minimally processed, tomato juice based Bloody Mary Mixer. Bloody Mary Mixes are a great pantry staple to keep on hand for when you're in the mood for this great, classic cocktail.

Blood Mary Mix Accompaniments: Adorning the perfect Bloody Mary Mix is a matter of preference. The classic, timeless topper is a stalk of celery, sometimes accented with a salted rim. Hot and spicy pickled asparagus or okra spears are also a great addition, while some people prefer the milder flavor of pickled dilly beans. Martini lovers find the Bloody Mary to be another perfect cocktail for a skewer of olives. For festive occasions, a cocktail shrimp may also be hooked over the rim of the glass. Whatever your personal preference, be sure not to take away from the excellence of the Bloody Mary Mix with a sub-par accompaniment.

The heat of a Bloody Mary Mix is also up to your discretion. Black pepper, Tabasco, cayenne, or even minced chili peppers can all be used to get the desired level of heat. One may also add a splash of Worcestershire sauce or beef consommé for a greater depth of flavor.

Bloody Mary Mix History: The original Bloody Mary was said to be created in the 1920's in Paris by Fernand Petiot, who was working at Harry's Bar. There is some dispute that the original combination of vodka and tomato juice was made by the American actor, George Jessel, while Petiot added the seasonings and accompaniments that made the drink famous.

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