Almond Oil - Gourmet Guide

June 12, 2019 | By Dave Mattingly

Almond Oil is a popular nut oil enjoyed by gourmets because of its smooth, buttery flavor and roasted almond character. Among the lightest of all nut oils, Almond Oil is excellent for both cooking and drizzling. Our Almond Oils, imported from France, have a clean, toasty flavor that pairs well with fish, vegetables, cream soups and light vinaigrettes for salads.

Cooking with Almond Oil: To preserve its delicate flavor, Almond Oil should be treated as more of a finishing oil, added just before the meal is served. While you can cook with Almond Oil, it is not recommended to heat it to high temperatures, as high heat will mar the subtle nuances of a quality, cold-pressed oil. Refined Almond Oil is the exception - it has a higher smoke point and thus can be cooked with. Almond Oil is also widely used in baking to add nutty, toasty flavors to cakes, cookies, muffins or cinnamon buns. Just replace a 1/4 cup or even 1/2 cup of the vegetable oil or butter normally called for with Almond Oil.

Refined Oil versus Cold Pressed: Sometimes you may see a light colored Almond Oil labeled as "Refined". Refined oils are processed via a mechanized system. While extremely efficient at separating out the oils from the flesh of the nut, this refining also removes much of the flavor and natural color of the oil, giving it a more mild flavor. On the plus side, refined oils are less expensive for consumers and the processing allows them to be heated to much higher temperatures without burning or producing off flavors.

Cold Pressed Almond Oil, or any cold-pressed oil for that matter, is much more of an artisan product. Since the oil is not heated during the pressing, it retains all of its natural flavor and nutritional benefits, making Cold-Pressed Roasted Almond Oil a great product for a healthy lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Almond Oil: Holistic beauty experts often praise the soothing effects of Almond Oil on skin. Almond Oil also offers a number of health benefits when used as a finishing oil for your favorite foods. Along with a high level of E, B, and P vitamins, Almond Oil also contains beneficial monounsaturated and linoleic fatty acids, specifically Omega 6 and Omega 9. Combined with Omega 3, these healthy fatty acids have been scientifically proven to significantly reduce the likelihood of dying from cardiovascular related problems.

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