Victory Cheese West Coast Gems

Victory Cheese West Coast Gems

Victory Cheese

Origin: USA

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The cool, foggy Pacific Coast from Northern California to Southern Oregon is a paradise for cheesemakers. Pasture is lush and abundant, so dairy animals thrive. The trio of cheeses in this collection cover a range of styles and milk types, from the dreamy, days-old Laychee to a year-old Clothbound Cheddar, with the totally original Tomino in between. Serve them together on a cheese board for a tasty overview of what West Coast cheesemaking is all about.

Like the Victory Gardens of times past, Victory Cheese is a grassroots movement, rallying support for American cheesemakers in challenging times. Purchase a Victory Cheese Box for yourself and others. Choose from six different collections curated by Planet Cheese publisher Janet Fletcher or join the Victory Cheese Club and receive a different curated collection of artisan cheeses every month. Enjoy a guided tasting of the cheeses in your collection on Janet Fletcher’s YouTube channel (link provided with purchase). For each order sold, igourmet will donate $10 to World Central Kitchen. Join the fight to save American cheese!

This collection includes:

  • Laychee from Pennyroyal Farm: Laychee from Pennyroyal Farm (California) is named after the locals’ slang for milk. It is a fresh cheese ready for sale in just a few days. It is soft, spreadable, fluffy and gently tangy, like a particularly delicious cream cheese. Made on a small family farm in the Anderson Valley, a scenic region famous for wine grapes, Laychee is made by hand in small batches. The milk blend changes with the season, from nearly 20% sheep milk at the start of the year to 100% goat milk in the fall and winter, when the sheep stop producing milk. Enjoy Laychee for brunch with toast and smoked salmon, or on crostini with a drizzle of olive oil and a crisp glass of dry rosé. (6 oz)
  • Tomino from Nicasio Valley Cheese: Tomino from Nicasio Valley Cheese (California) is produced by the Lafranchi family, third-generation dairy farmers in Marin County. Honoring their ancestry, the siblings behind Nicasio Valley look to Switzerland for inspiration--specifically to the Italian-speaking canton Ticino. Their grandfather emigrated to the U.S. more than a century ago, settling in West Marin with $35 in his pocket and starting the dairy farm that they operate today. They rely on a cheesemaker from their grandfather’s village near Lago Maggiore to guide them in developing new recipes. Made with pasteurized organic milk from the creamery’s own herd, the eight-ounce Tomino has both a bloomy rind and a washed rind. Reddish bacteria appear first on the surface, followed by the white mold bloom. The disks are about six weeks old on release. A ripe Tomino has a dappled rind, thin and edible, with no hint of ammonia. The ivory interior smells mostly of mushrooms mingled with bread yeast, garlic and aged beef. After only 20 minutes at room temperature, the paste becomes squishy and easily spreadable. Good bread is a must. Enjoy with a Belgian-style saison beer. (9 oz)
  • Clothbound Cheddar from Face Rock Creamery: Clothbound Cheddar from Face Rock Creamery (Oregon) is indisputably one of America’s finest Cheddars, modeled after the classic English farmhouse wheels. This relatively new creation from a superstar cheesemaker is a showstopper. Aged for a minimum of 13 months, Face Rock’s clothbound Cheddar has a crumbly texture, nutty and grassy aromas and layer upon layer of flavor—more mellow than sharp. Founded in 2013 in Bandon, on the scenic Southern Oregon coast, Face Rock Creamery specializes in Cheddar. The microclimate there is ideal for supporting lush green pasture and grass-fed cows. Head cheesemaker Brad Sinko developed the recipes for the acclaimed Cheddars at Beecher’s in Seattle and has now returned to his hometown to show what he can do with superb Oregon milk. (7.5 oz)

    Suggested accompaniments: Black Mission Fig Jam by the Girl & The Fig, Rustic Bakery Olive Oil and Sel Gris Flatbread.

Victory Cheese West Coast Gems

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