Victory Cheese Farmstead and Fabulous

Victory Cheese Farmstead and Fabulous

Victory Cheese

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Farmstead cheeses are made with milk from the farm’s own animals, so the milk is as fresh as can be. That’s important for quality, and it helps explain why these three made-on-the-farm gems are so delicious. You’ll find three states and three families represented in this collection and cheeses made in three different styles. Together, these selections make a balanced and beautiful cheese board.

Like the Victory Gardens of times past, Victory Cheese is a grassroots movement, rallying support for American cheesemakers in challenging times. Purchase a Victory Cheese Box for yourself and others. Choose from six different collections curated by Planet Cheese publisher Janet Fletcher or join the Victory Cheese Club and receive a different curated collection of artisan cheeses every month. Enjoy a guided tasting of the cheeses in your collection on Janet Fletcher’s YouTube channel (link provided with purchase). For each order sold, igourmet will donate $10 to World Central Kitchen. Join the fight to save American cheese!

This collection includes:

  • Friesago from Shepherd’s Way Farms: Friesago from Shepherd’s Way Farms (Minnesota) is a superstar in the small but growing niche of American sheep cheese. Jodi Ohlsen-Read began making it in 1998, with the pasteurized milk of her family’s sheep. Husband Steve is the shepherd and their four sons help out on the farm in Nerstrand, about an hour south of Minneapolis Inspired by Manchego and Asiago, Friesago is a firm aged wheel with a gorgeous natural rind, scents of nuts and light caramel, and a concentrated flavor. An American Cheese Society blue-ribbon winner. Called a "must try" by Food and Wine magazine! Suitable for vegetarians. (7.5 oz)
  • Tumbleweed from 5-Spoke Creamery: Tumbleweed from 5 Spoke Creamery (New York) tastes like a cross between aged Cheddar and a French Cantal. Nothing else is quite like it. This semi-hard cheese spends eight to nine months in the creamery’s caves and emerges delicately fruity, with an unusual crumbly texture. The finish offers Cheddar-like creaminess and brothy, warm-butter aromas. Handmade from the raw milk of grass-fed, hormone-free cows, Tumbleweed is a great example of a cheese with terroir, a "taste of place" that cannot be duplicated. Can you tell the cheesemaker is a cycling enthusiast? Riding a bike requires balance, says owner Alan Glustoff, who also believes that balance defines great cheese and a healthy lifestyle. Suitable for vegetarians. (7.5 oz)
  • Grayson from Meadow Greek Dairy: Grayson from Meadow Creek Dairy (Virginia) has been made in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the Feete family farm for about 25 years. Rick and Helen Feete and their children farm at an elevation of almost 3,000 feet, using rotational grazing to keep their cows well-nourished and their pasture healthy. Helen makes cheese from their raw milk only during the months the cows are on grass, and the herd is never confined. Reminiscent of Italian Taleggio, Grayson is a supple and beefy washed-rind square with an edible rind and a delightfully pungent aroma suggesting bacon, beef broth, garlic, yeast and mushroom. The deep yellow color that many customers note is due to the high levels of beta carotene in the milk, typical of cows feasting on grass. (7.5 oz)

    Suggested accompaniments: Le Bon Magot Spiced Raisin Marmalata, Giddy Up Rosemary Garlic Almonds.

Victory Cheese Farmstead and Fabulous

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