Victory Cheese Best of the Midwest

Victory Cheese Best of the Midwest - igourmet
Victory Cheese Best of the Midwest - igourmet
Victory Cheese Best of the Midwest - igourmet
Victory Cheese Best of the Midwest - igourmet

Victory Cheese

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Artisan cheesemaking in America’s Heartland is thriving, thanks to pioneers like Judy Schad of Capriole Goat Cheese and the decades of aging expertise at Milton Creamery and Caves of Faribault. Put this trio of cheeses together on a platter and you will be struck by how handsome they are and how diverse in texture and flavor. For Midwest dairy farmers, seeing their milk transformed into these superb creations must be tremendously gratifying. For cheese lovers who don’t know these wheels, a great taste experience awaits.

Like the Victory Gardens of times past, Victory Cheese is a grassroots movement, rallying support for American cheesemakers in challenging times. Purchase a Victory Cheese Box for yourself and others. Choose from six different collections curated by Planet Cheese publisher Janet Fletcher or join the Victory Cheese Club and receive a different curated collection of artisan cheeses every month. Enjoy a guided tasting of the cheeses in your collection on Janet Fletcher’s YouTube channel (link provided with purchase). For each order sold, igourmet will donate $10 to World Central Kitchen. Join the fight to save American cheese!

This collection includes:

  • Julianna by Capriole Goat Cheese: Julianna from Capriole Goat Cheese (Indiana) is one of the prettiest cheeses you can put on a cheese board. A Hungarian intern at the farm dreamed it up a few years ago and it has become a raging success. This one-pound wheel is rolled in a proprietary blend of herbs (lavender, rosemary and thyme among them) and aged for two to five months. It develops a bloomy white rind under the herb coat, but the herbs definitely perfume the interior, imparting the scent of a hillside in Provence. The texture is semisoft, moist and creamy; the flavor mellow, even a touch sweet. Julianna melts beautifully if you can restrain yourself from eating the whole piece. (7.5 oz)
  • Flory’s Truckle from Milton Creamery: Flory’s Truckle from Milton Creamery (Iowa) is indisputably one of America’s finest Cheddars, a raw-milk clothbound beauty modeled after the classic English Farmhouse Cheddars. (A truckle is an English word for a tall, cylindrical cheese.) The cheese is a collaboration between the Flory family (eight sisters!) in Jamesport, Missouri, and Milton Creamery. The Florys’ dairy farm supplies the Jersey cow’s milk and Jennifer Flory makes the cheese. When the cheese is two months old, she ships it to Milton Creamery, where an expert crew babysits it in the aging room for another 10 months. The mature truckle has a natural rind and a pale gold interior with many openings. You may spot a few tiny white protein crystals in the paste, a mark of maturity. Look for those classic Cheddar aromas— melted butter, just-mown grass, toasted nuts— and a fruity pineapple note as well. Flory’s Truckle is more mellow than most English Cheddars but with that characteristic Cheddar tang. (7.5 oz)
  • St. Pete’s Select from Caves of Faribault: Amablu St. Pete’s Select from the Caves of Faribault (Minnesota) is produced from raw cow’s milk and aged in underground sandstone caves for at least 100 days. St. Pete’s Select, named for the type of sandstone that forms the caves, is Amablu’s super premium selection, available only in limited quantities. The wheels are hand chosen by expert graders for this designation. They are looking for wheels with complex flavor, a creamy texture and a pronounced piquant note. One of America’s few raw-milk blue cheeses, and it’s the pride of this 20-year-old creamery. (7.5 oz)

    Suggested accompaniments: Three Little Figs Puddletown Pub Chutney, Raw Wildflower Honey by the Beekeeper’s Daughter.

Victory Cheese Best of the Midwest

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