The Ultimate Sandwich Board Gift Box

Dad's Sandwich Board Gift Box_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
Dad's Sandwich Board Gift Box_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
Dad's Sandwich Board Gift Box_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments


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Everything he needs to make the sandwich of your dreams. Gourmet meats, savory accompaniments, and even a cheeseboard ready for the slicing.

Prosciutto Antipasto Platter by Veroni - Pre-Sliced - A curated charcuterie platter in one tidy package. Tuck into Mild and Sweet Milano Salame, Hot and Spicy Calabrese Salame, Prosciutto Italiano, and Provolone Cheese. Just add your favorite accompaniments and enjoy. 

Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise - Japan’s #1 mayonnaise isn’t the mayo you’re used to eating. It’s made with rice vinegar which gives it a slightly sweet flavor, and is incredibly smooth and creamy. Enjoy it with Japanese okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes) or mix with your favorite relish for a sandwich spread that’s both familiar and entirely new. 

We Go Together Like....Bread & Butter Pickles by Backyard Brine - The perfect pickle for all your hot (pulled pork) and cold (ham sandwich deluxe) sandwich needs. Husband and wife team Randy and Cori Kopke pickle cucumbers with brown sugar and maple syrup for an extra sweet, tangy, and crunchy bite. 

Gripper Bamboo Cheese Board

Peppadew Peppers - The Peppadew® is spicy, sweet, piquant, and everything your pizza, soup, salad, and Bloody Mary is missing. These south African peppers are eaten whole, meant to perk up any of your favorite dishes. 

Mortadella by Veroni - Pre-Sliced - The sandwich filling your favorite crusty loaf of bread deserves. This pork Mortadella is slowly cooked for 20 hours with aromatic spices. The result is a savory, buttery meat that’s ideal with crispy grissini, soft brioche, or hard cheese like Asiago. 

Organic Gourmet Mozzarella by Calabro - The creamiest mozzarella you’ll ever taste. It is handcrafted with rBST-Free milk from New England dairy farmers. This mozzarella is smooth and rich; perfect to complement juicy tomatoes or silky roasted bell peppers. Their products are handcrafted using farm fresh rBST-Free milk available from local dairy farmers across New England.

Mestemacher Organic German Bread -  Dense, pleasantly sour, and practically crying out for your favorite mustard and deli meats. Plus, it’s made with ingredients that are high fiber, low fat and cholesterol-free. Mestemacher, famed German bakers, created all natural, whole grain bread. High fiber, low fat plus cholesterol free characteristics mark the entire line. The line of breads has received the Whole Grain Council's stamp of "100 % Excellent Source of Whole Grain".

The Billy Goat Chip Company Kicker Potato Chips (3 oz Bag) - Chef and owner Brian Roth is gaga for potato chips, which is why he has devoted his entire company to creating the perfect chip,since its inception in 2002. Each carefully chosen russet potato is carefully sliced, fried, and seasoned. They are ideal as a side dish, or if you’re really next-level,as a sandwich topping. 

Edmond Fallot Dijon Mustard with Burgundy Wine - An elegant condiment that complements everything from ham and turkey to roasted vegetables. It has a smooth, light texture and complex, mustard-forward taste.

Edmond Fallot Whole Grain Mustard - Mustard with enough bite to stand up to even the most substantial sandwich. This seed-style, whole grain mustard has a grainy texture and with a tart, tangy flavor. 

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The Ultimate Sandwich Board Gift Box

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