The Fall Cheese Board

The Fall Cheese Board_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
The Fall Cheese Board_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
The Fall Cheese Board_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
The Fall Cheese Board_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
The Fall Cheese Board_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments


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This seasonal selection is stocked with autumnal and international options from our favorite handcrafted cheese makers. Capturing the flavors of the season—think everything from truffles and hazelnuts to cranberries and honey—the variety of hard and soft cheeses is perfect for fall entertaining, and conjures cozy vibes of huddling around a wood-stoked fireplace, with bottles of wine and a hearty harvest of nibbles close at hand.

Raincoast Crisps: Crafted in Canada, these artisanal crisps are made in small batches. Seriously, only a limited number are made each day, and come hand-packed and labeled with a unique number. They’re great for seasonal appetizer spreads, since they contain hearty whole grains and come studded with tart dried fruits and nuts. A wonderful complement to a glass of your favorite red wine, the subtly sweet crisps pair beautifully with aged cheddar, brie, and emmental. (6 oz)

Honeycomb: Since it’s 100% edible, this natural honeycomb is a wonderful way to experience honey in its purest form, without any processing. Sourced from Emilia Romagna, Italy, where makers Fabrizio and Pierpaolo have been tending bees for 20 years, we’re excited to exclusively represent this light and floral honeycomb here in the U.S. (4.2 oz)

Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board: Sourced from Brooklyn Slate Company's family slate quarry in upstate New York, each rustic yet sophisticated cheese board features a natural edge and anti-slip padded feet. Attractively packaged in a burlap bag, it also comes with a soapstone chalk for identifying cheese selections on your board—a great way to introduce your guests to Meisterstuck and Mimolette! 

1862 Meisterstuck : From the oldest private, family-run cheese producer in Germany since 1862, Meisterstuck is crafted from high quality milk called "Allgauer Hay Milk," that is only used in 0.3% of all German cheeses. Slow ripened and aged for 8 months, the exacting process results in a cheese that has a natural rind, and is aromatic, full of flavor, and a true expression of the land. (7.5 oz)

Mimolette Jeune: Mimolette is a unique, cave-aged cheese from the Normandy region. Bright orange owing to the addition of natural annatto, it’s classified according to the length of time it’s been aged. Relatively young at just 3-months, this pressed curd cheese is tender and moist, and boasts a wide range of nutty and fruity flavors. (7.5 oz)

Fior d’Arancio Blue with Orange: Literally meaning "orange blossoms," this blue cheese is bathed in orange peel-accented Fior d’Arancio DOCG—a sweet wine produced with Moscato grapes. It’s crafted in the province of Treviso, Veneto in Northern Italy, with whole cow milk that hails from a local cooperative dairy. (7.5 oz)

Black Truffle Cheddar: Plymouth is the second-oldest cheese operation in the United States. Yet the Vermont makers are breaking new ground with this 60-day-aged cheddar, since they use raw cow’s milk instead of traditional sheep’s milk in the summer scorzone truffle-infused cheese. In addition to actual truffle morsels sourced from Italy, the cheese comes kissed with white truffle oil, resulting in cheddar that’s earthy, sexy, and smooth. (8 oz)

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The Fall Cheese Board

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