The Carvery Meal - Fully Cooked

The Carvery Meal - Fully Cooked
The Carvery Meal - Fully Cooked
The Carvery Meal - Fully Cooked
The Carvery Meal - Fully Cooked
The Carvery Meal - Fully Cooked
The Carvery Meal - Fully Cooked
The Carvery Meal - Fully Cooked

Oak Stove

Origin: US-West Coast

Size: 25 pound


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Time to wow your Thanksgiving guests with this gourmet restaurant quality meal. The professional chefs at Oakstove Kitchens already did all the hard work, you will just need to follow the easy heating instructions. This chef inspired Thanksgiving meal consists of the following:


  • Roasted Whole Turkey (10-12 LBS):  This fresh, fully cooked turkey is slow roasted to perfection for your Thanksgiving needs.
  • Turkey Gravy (2 lbs): For some, the gravy is the best part of Thanksgiving. This classic Turkey Gravy is made with hints of onion, garlic and rosemary.
  • Traditional Stuffing (3 lbs): Bread stuffing recipes are endlessly customizable. All you have to do is change up the bread, the herbs, and/or the liquid. But if a classic recipe is what you’re after, you’ve found it.  This traditional Bread Stuffing is baked with butter and a light chicken broth, sage, thyme and rosemary. 
  • Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes: Perfectly creamy mashed potatoes made with yukon golds!
  • Green Beans (3 lbs): Fresh green beans seasoned with onion powder, garlic powder finished with butter salt and pepper.
  • Cranberry Sauce (2 lbs): Whole Cranberries slowly cooked with dried apple, orange juice and holiday spice mix.
  • Pecan Pie - 8 Inch: This is the perfect Thanksgiving Pecan Pie!
  • Complete dinner generously serves 8
    Turkey and sides will arrive at your door in a frozen state with easy heating instructions included.

    Heating Suggestions:

    To serve hot  - Remove turkey from its packaging. Place on a rack in a covered roaster with 1 to 2 cups of water

    Heat in oven @ 275 – 300 °F for 1 ½ -2 hours until internal temperature reaches  165 °F

    The Carvery Meal - Fully Cooked

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