St. Supery Truffle & Mascarpone Pasta

St. Supery Truffle & Mascarpone Pasta - igourmet
St. Supery Truffle & Mascarpone Pasta - igourmet

St. Supery Estate

Origin: USA

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Channel your inner chef with a tasting journey of five inspired dishes paired with St. Supery Estate wines. From gourmet flatbreads and grilling favorites to truffled pasta, this series will inspire confidence in the kitchen and provide a new delicious meal each week.

This collection includes:

  • Fabrique Delices White Truffle Butter: This Fabrique Delices white truffle butter is a fabulous and easy way to introduce yourself or a friend to the exotic world of truffles. The rare white truffle is complex with notes of garlic, spices, earth, hay, and a touch of honey. White truffles are generally used to flavor finished dishes. This is an amazing ingredient that delivers sophisticated flavors to your culinary creations. Made from 100% French butter (Veritable Beurre de Baratte) it is the perfect and simplest addition to any red meats, fish or lobster, pasta, risotto, baked & mashed potatoes, steamed and sauteed vegetables as well as the finish touch to any sauce. Bon appétit! (3 oz)
  • Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta: Tagliatelle, literally translated as "little tongues", is best for dishes with lots of sauce, like cream and seafood sauces. This is a "center of the plate" pasta used by some of the best chefs in Europe.

    Benedetto Cavalieri is one of the leading family owned companies that produce pasta by old-World artisanal methods. Founded in 1918, Benedetto Cavalieri continues the family tradition of making pasta according to the time-honored "Delicate Method". Using only the highest quality, freshly milled durum wheat (Semolina), the process involves long kneading of the dough. Every shape of pasta requires a unique blend of semolina flour and water. After kneading, the dough slowly passes through special bronze dies, designed to create each shape and give the pasta a perfectly textured surface to best hold the sauce. After shaping, the pasta is allowed to dry in antique ovens and rest at low temperatures. Slow drying at low temperatures retains more of the nutty flavor and aroma of the durum wheat. (1.1 lb)

  • Grana Padano DOP Stravecchio Oro del Tempo Aged 24 Months: This special wheel of Grana Padano has been aged for a full 24 months. Over that time, this Stagionato (aged) cheese gets sharper, but not in the same way that cheddar does. Rather than becoming "bitey", it develops more fruit flavors with intensified umami characteristics. We love its smooth taste on the palate and long, lingering nutty finish. While Grana Padano is the classic grating cheese called for in pasta, risotto, and salad recipes. (7.5 oz)
  • Mascarpone by Vermont Creamery: Not long ago, the word mascarpone would draw quizzical looks. Nowadays, the distinctly Italian-sounding name is the only thing obscure about this velvety, rich cream cheese. One story suggests that a visiting Spanish dignitary in the 16th-century tasted fresh mascarpone in Italy and proclaimed it "mas que bueno" - better than good! In the early 1990's, as U.S. chefs discovered the dessert phenomenon tiramisu, its chief ingredient - mascarpone - began to grow in popularity. Placed second in the 2016 American Cheese Society Competition for Mascarpone and Cream Cheeses. KOF-K certified kosher. (8 oz)

Wine pairing suggestion: St. Supery Napa Valley Estate Elu.

St. Supery Truffle & Mascarpone Pasta

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