Snowmass Raclette Cheese

Snowmass Raclette Cheese_Haystack Mountain_Cheese
Snowmass Raclette Cheese_Haystack Mountain_Cheese
Snowmass Raclette Cheese_Haystack Mountain_Cheese
Snowmass Raclette Cheese_Haystack Mountain_Cheese

Haystack Mountain

Origin: USA


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Haystack Snowmass Raclette was inspired by raclette, the great melting cheese of the Alps. It is a semi-hard cheese made his savory washed rind softens sumptuously. The wheels are washed frequently with brine and aged for two-three months, giving Snowmass its orange-tinted rind and hefty flavor. Snowmass smells savory—think onions cooked in beef fat with a touch of tang. Its flavor is initially tart, though it softens with a buttery finish and a hint of caraway.

Use Snowmass Raclette in your favorite fondue recipe or Broil and scrape a bubbly layer onto potatoes, or melt onto roasted vegetables. Add pickles to cut through the richness of the cheese. Works well for a grilled cheese sandwich with charcuterie and whole grained mustard. Pair the cheese with dry, crisp white wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Gruner Veltliner or a light bodied red such as Burgundy or Gamay. For beer a sour or Lambic works perfectly.


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Snowmass Raclette Cheese

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