San Daniele Prosciutto Boneless Whole Leg DOP

San Daniele Prosciutto Boneless Whole Leg DOP

Taste Real Italy

Origin: Italy

Size: 15 pound


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The word prosciutto derives from the Latin pro (before) + exsucare "to extract the juices from "or "to dry thoroughly". Prosciutto is the most famous and well known of "Italian Salumi" (Italian Cold-Cuts). It is dry cured for a minimum of 14 months to a maximum of 24months. The first examples of prosciutto making date back to 5BC, in the Etruscan Po river valley where salted preserved pork legs were traded with the rest of what is now Italy and with Greece. Written documents on Prosciutto have been found in Roman times as well: every region in Italy makes some variety of prosciutto. The recipe is really simple: Italian Pig Thigh, Sea-salt and time. The constant challenge in making a fine prosciutto is handling the elements and changes of: TEMPERATURE, VENTILATION and HUMIDITY. These elements are the foundation for making a delicious prosciutto. Today prosciutto still comes to our table in the same way as it did centuries ago: delicate and moist. The pigs in adherence with DOP guidelines must come from 12 approved areas, be at least 250 lbs in weight and nine months of age before slaughtered. The distinctive violin shape of the Prosciutto San Daniele derives from excess fat whittled off before the salting aging and pressing process. The microclimate of Friuli Venezia Giulia located between the sea and mountains contributes greatly to this process and imparts an inimitable flavor to the prosciutto.


Step 1: Open and remove packaging

Step 2: Remove yellow oxidized fat from the prosciutto’s front surface

Step 3: In preparing this violin shaped prosciutto to be sliced on the machine

and to maximize its yield, one must then turn his/her attention to the back side of the prosciutto and begin skinning from the bottom up about 5 inches. Then begin skinning the entire part of the prosciutto that jets out and extends beyond the 90 degree angle forming a triangle of sorts. Once done skinning an "L" shape should appear.

Step 4: Place product on slicer with bottom skinned part facing the blade. Slice horizontally until the part that jets out is reached and one is no longer able to slice horizontally.

Step 5: Flip the product on the vertical side and slice until the part that jets out is sliced down. The prosciutto can be rotated again and sliced once more until horizontally until product is depleted. This technique is sure to maximize yield.


Prosciutto di San Daniele’s meat is rosy red and marbled with white fat. It is sweet and aromatic flavor.


Prosciutto di San Daniele can be served as a cold cut sliced thinly sliced and featured in a sandwich, flat bread or as a pizza topping. It is a great addition to any cheese and charcuterie board. It may be enjoyed with robiola, mozzarella cheese, figs or cantaloupe.


Prosecco, Friuliano or a medium body red will pair beautifully with this product as will a wheat beer or strong apple cider.

Nutritional information coming soon!

San Daniele Prosciutto Boneless Whole Leg DOP

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