Martha Stewart Premium Baking Ingredients Kit

igourmet_G1877_Martha Stewart Premium Baking Ingredients Kit_Gifts by Martha Stewart_Martha Stewart Collection
Martha Stewart Premium Baking Ingredients Kit_Collections by Martha Stewart
igourmet_G1877_Martha Stewart Premium Baking Ingredients Kit_Gifts by Martha Stewart_Martha Stewart Collection
igourmet_G1877_Martha Stewart Premium Baking Ingredients Kit_Gifts by Martha Stewart_Martha Stewart Collection


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When it comes to perfection in the kitchen, Martha Stewart knows a thing or two. Some of the domestic doyenne’s favorite ingredients are featured in this unique collection. There are specially sourced spices, handy measuring utensils, and even different types of sugar to ensure every dessert isn’t just sweet, but supreme. 

Collection Contains:

Unsweetened Shredded Coconut: Flaked coconut is essential in many of Martha’s favorite recipes and this variety is unsweetened, so you control the amount of sugar. It’s also a delicious garnish for chocolate truffles.

Martha Stewart Madagascar Vanilla Beans: Vanilla beans sourced from the African island of Madagascar have maximum vanillin content, which give vanilla its signature intoxicating flavor. These pods can be split with a sharp knife and the beans inside can be scraped into any cake or cookie batter. When you’re done, put the pods in a jar of sugar for the most aromatic vanilla sugar you’ll ever enjoy. 

Nutmeg: Freshly grated nutmeg adds depth to everything from creamy bechamel sauces to complex spice cakes. Its warming, earthy flavor complements almost any taste. Grate it with a microplane right into your batter or sauce, and watch the requests for second helpings roll in. 

Buffalo Ginger: This special breed of ginger has light, sweet notes that complement its pleasantly spicy heat. This is ideal in cookies, cakes, and quickbreads. 

Ground Allspice Berries: Allspice might sound like a spice blend, but is really the dried berry of the evergreen tree. It has a sweet, nutty and deeply warm flavor that is key to many harvest-themed desserts and warm cocktails. Try it in your favorite savory dish, like chili. 

Martha Stewart Crystal White Sugar: Use this finely milled sugar in all your favorite baked goods. It melts evenly, dissolves quickly, and has a clean, sweet taste. 

Martha Stewart Sanding Sugar: Sanding sugar is the perfect way to finish a cookie or cake design. Its pleasantly gritty mouthfeel and sparkling way of catching the light makes any dessert look chic. 

4-Piece Measuring Cups: Perfectly portioned ingredients are key to making any baking recipe turn out well. These measuring cups are easy to read and use, for reliable results every time. 

4-Piece Measuring Spoons: Never guess about half a teaspoon again with these durable measuring spoons. Dishwasher safe, dessert recipe approved. 

Mace Blade: Mace is actually the outside of nutmeg. It can be used anywhere nutmeg is used, and with an even more mellow taste, is especially useful with delicately flavored sauces and desserts. 

Organic Crystallized Ginger: It’s sweet, it’s spicy, and it’s irresistible. Slightly chewy and pleasantly sweet ginger hunks are delicious in soft gingerbread cake or carrot cake. They’re also tasty as a snack, if you’re truly a ginger lover. 

Royal Cinnamon: Cinnamon like you’ve never tasted it before. This heirloom variety cinnamon is harvested in the mountains of Vietnam and has a warming taste and fragrant aroma that is both familiar and intoxicating. Use it in any cinnamon-based dessert or as an unexpected flavor in rich savory meat-based dishes.

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Martha Stewart Premium Baking Ingredients Kit

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