Man Cave Survival Kit

Man Cave Survival Kit_igourmet_Meal Kit
Man Cave Survival Kit_igourmet_Meal Kit


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Looking for some staples for the man in your life? Our Man Cave Survival Kit includes a generous selection of cheese, meat and other hearty snacks for an afternoon or day spent lounging inside. This collection includes a selection of gourmet foods that cover all the grounds- spicy, salty and booze infused! The Man Cave Survival Kit is perfect for everyday snacking and also makes the perfect gift!

This assortment includes:

  • Artikaas Gouda Vintage Lot 18: This classic Dutch cheese develops complex flavors as it slowly matures over 18 months. A firm texture with some crystallization, a deep ochre interior, notes of toasted walnuts, and a brown-butter finish equal perfection! (7.5 oz)
  • Whiskey Salami: Quality and flavor are paramount to both Creminelli and High West Distillery. Their Son of Bourye adds an irresistible taste to Creminelli's handcrafted salami. The result: a uniquely delicious salami that's whiskey-redolent-bright and richly flavored. (5.5 oz)
  • The Rattlesnake by Deer Creek: The Rattlesnake is a true flavor experience — spicy, sweet, tropical, and HOT. This smooth, creamy medium aged Cheddar is infused with premium gold tequila and Habanero peppers. (8 oz)
  • Maple Bacon Onion Spread: This instant classic is an incredibly versatile spread that makes easy appetizers, deep rich sauces, and unbelievably good sandwiches and burgers! (10 oz)
  • Prosciutto & Mozzarella Cheese Rollino: Citterio prosciutto is slowly dry-air aged  for up to a year or more, then sliced and perfectly paired with fresh mozzarella.  Enjoy with fresh basil and tomatoes, or as is right from the package. (3 oz)
  • Jalapeno Cherry Salsa: Made with large chunks of Michigan cherries and fresh jalapenos, this perfectly hot and sweet condiment kicks salsa up a notch. (18 oz
  • Piri Piri Hot Sauce: The Portuguese discovered this chili in the late 15th century on the east coast of Africa. They transformed these wonderfully hot yet flavorful chilies into sauces. Put some pop into your next dish with this historical hot sauce. (5.2 oz)
  • Caramelized Onion Crisps: A crunchy, airy cracker that pairs exceptionally well with cheeses. (6 oz)
  • Beer Mustard: Tin's Beer-Mustard is made with their own vinegar fermented using a Brooklyn brewed amber beer.  (8.5 oz)
  • Tennessee Whiskey Shortbread: This a true taste of Tennessee! One bite of Willa's hand-crafted Southern Shortbread Cookie Bites made with a hint of Tennessee Whiskey will bring you some warm joy. (4 oz)
  • Cactus Tortilla Chips: This Mexican company cleverly combined cactus—one of the world’s most sustainable plants—with cassava flour, coconut flour and chia seed, to develop a chip that’s deliciously unique and gluten-free. (5 oz)  
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Man Cave Survival Kit

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