Ludwig Farmstead's Kickapoo Cheese

Ludwig Farmstead's Kickapoo Cheese

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Origin: USA

Size: 7.5 ounce



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Kickapoo is named after the State Park which is near the creamery, and the Native American Kickapoo tribe that was prominent in this area. Kickapoo cheese is a Ludwig original recipe. Kickapoo is a semi-hard, raw milk cheese reminiscent of an aged Parmesan, with fresh, buttery flavors and a sharper finish. It has a distinctive green rind and pairs well with fruit, nuts, and honey.

Ludwig Farmstead Creamery is a European-style, farmstead creamery located in Fithian, Illinois. It sits on Feathercreek Farm, a 150-acre, fifth-generation family dairy farm originally settled in 1866. The Creamery was the vision of Jacob ("Jake") V. Ludwig, a University of Illinois graduate with a chemistry degree and a passion for cheese making. Upon graduating in 2009, Jake studied for a year as a cheese making intern in Pennsylvania, developing his own specialized Havarti-style cheese seasoned with habanero peppers. He then returned to Fithian where he designed and built the cheese making facility. Sadly, Jake lost his life before the cheese production came to fruition. To continue Jake’s dream, Jake’s father, Dave Ludwig hired a Dutch Cheese maker, Fons Smits, who developed several award winning recipes. Today they continue to produce a line of European style, raw milk, artisan aged cheeses in small batches. Their small batch cheeses are made with day-fresh milk supplied from their own Holstein cows, and they are very proud to have received the animal welfare certification, Certified Humane, for the raising and handling of their cattle.

  • Made from raw cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 11 lb. form of cheese.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.

INGREDIENTS: Whole raw cow's milk, cheese cultures, enzymes, microbialrennet, salt

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Ludwig Farmstead's Kickapoo Cheese

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