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igourmet_9539_Kielbasa Links_Nodines_Sausages & Hotdogs
igourmet_9539_Kielbasa Links_Nodines_Sausages & Hotdogs
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igourmet_9539_Kielbasa Links_Nodines_Sausages & Hotdogs
igourmet_9539_Kielbasa Links_Nodines_Sausages & Hotdogs
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Fully cooked, Nodine's Smokehouse makes a light-bodied Polish-style kielbasa made with pork and chicken thighs. Slow smoking with hardwoods resulting in a full-flavored sausage that's perfect for an easy lunch or dinner. Try frying it, boiling it, or slice into one-inch chunks and heat with baked beans for a new twist on beans and franks. Or serve with a side of sauerkraut and some homemade french fries.

Nodine's Smokehouse Inc. was started back in 1969 as a small custom smokehouse in Goshen, Connecticut. Over the many years of hard work and dedication, this small family business outgrew the small processing plant located at the farm in Goshen. In 1989, the company moved to a remodeled and modernized facility. At the new production and shipping facility, while using the finest U.S.D.A. inspected ingredients, Nodine's has been able to capture the Old World Gourmet quality and flavor that's missing in most high volume facilities, while consistently maintaining high production.

INGREDIENTS: Pork, Chicken, Water, Salt, Sugar, Spices (MUSTARD, Garlic Powder), Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Acetate, Flavorings, Sodium NITRITE. Contains MUSTARD, NITRITES.

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