Italian All Stars

Italian All Stars_igourmet_Cheese Assortments
Italian All Stars_igourmet_Cheese Assortments
Italian All Stars_igourmet_Cheese Assortments
Italian All Stars_igourmet_Cheese Assortments
Italian All Stars_igourmet_Cheese Assortments
Italian All Stars_igourmet_Cheese Assortments


Origin: Italy

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Sample four highly original cheeses from up and down the Italian "boot." Cow, goat, sheep, water buffalo—all four contribute to this amazing display of Italian cheesemaking talent. From the nation that gave us Parmigiano Reggiano, these four captivating cheeses will win your heart.

Caciottona Capra al Foglie di Noce: This stunning goat cheese wrapped in walnut leaves comes from the artisan cheesemakers at Perenzin, a century-old creamery in the province of Treviso. Lemony, tart, and tangy, this cheese is aged for three to six months, developing a woodsy aroma and intense flavor. Shave it thinly to reveal its big fragrance and bold flavor. This fourth-generation family firm is a leader in Italy in the production of goat cheese from organic milk.

Paglierino: This little-known gem is made with the milk of sheep grazing in the splendid national park of Cilento and the Valley of Diano, an area of untouched natural beauty near the Amalfi Coast. The cheese is produced at a small dairy, then aged in the caves of fourth generation affineur (cheese ager) Casa Madaio for three months. The mature wheel is compact, with nutty and grassy aromas and a sweet finish. The name Paglierino, meaning straw, refers to the internal color. A sublime sheep cheese!

Quadrello di Bufala: From the northern Italian region of Lombardy, this unusual Taleggio-style square is made with the extra-rich milk of water buffalo. Produced by Quattro Portoni, the family-rum creamery that pioneered water buffalo in northern Italy, it has a moist washed rind with a supple, creamy interior. And what a scent! Damp cave, mushroom and cultured-milk aromas come together in a compelling fragrance that will fill your kitchen and leave you swooning.

Fior d’Arancio: This one-of-a-kind blue cheese from the province of Treviso was dreamed up by Sergio Moro. The raw cow’s milk comes from the local co-op that the Moro family has been part of for over 50 years. The young wheels are pierced, placed in barrels and bathed in Fior d’Arancio DOCG, a locally made dessert wine. After aging on wooden planks for four months, wheels of Fior d'Arancio ("orange blossom") are topped with orange peel. Expect complex aromas of honey, peach and orange blossom. A dramatic addition to any cheese plate.

Cheese O’Clock is a four-week Zoom cheese and wine tasting series led by cheese authorities Laura Werlin and Janet Fletcher. Different themes, cheeses and wines every time.

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Italian All Stars

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