Great Game Day Snacks

Great Game Day Snacks


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Skip the chips and offer your guests something special with our Great Game Day Snacks Assortment. Here at, we picked out our favorite go-to snacks for setting out for a crowd. Featuring a range of savory cheeses, meats, and snacks, these are perfect for pairing with ice cold beer and good friends. This collection includes:
  • Aged Cheddar: Tangy, sharp cheddar from Australia. (7.5 oz)
  • Aged Gouda: This is our best-selling Gouda. After one taste of this 18-month masterpiece you'll see why. This extended time period allows its body to develop a muted caramel color, matched by a uniquely intense, yet sweet flavor. (7.5 oz)
  • Red Dragon: This smooth, firm, tasty cheddar is made with Welsh brown ale and mustard seeds. Red Dragon is a buttery and spicy cheese with plenty of bite, but is not too hot. Not only do the mustard seeds give Red Dragon its marvelous flavor, but also its texture. The brown ale makes the cheese moist and tangy. (7.5 oz)
  • Chorizo Rioja: Made with sweet and smoked paprika, garlic and oregano, this Spanish inspired chorizo is made in Portland, Oregon. (6 oz)
  • Busseto Antipasto Assortment - Sliced: Busseto's Antipasto tray is the perfect solution for those seeking an assortment of cured meats; Italian Dry Salami, Dry Coppa, Prosciutto, and Black Pepper coated Italian Dry Salami are conveniently pre-sliced and packaged offering your guests the enjoyable time to pick and choose among four distinct flavors. (12 oz)
  • Mediterranean Herb Pistachios: Made with jumbo size U.S. Extra #1 pistachios from California, first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and a proprietary blend of whole herbs and spice. (2.25 oz)
  • Organic Bistro Wafers: Made with real Danish Blue cheese, these organic crackers are great on their own or with your favorite dip, cheese, cold cuts or raw veggies. (1.8 oz)
  • Taralli by Terre di Puglia: A typical crunchy baked product from Puglia, browned and with incomparable fragrance, taralli are the ideal snack at any time of the day, for lunches, dinners, brunches and happy hour. (8.8 oz)
  • French Mustard by Les Trois Petits Cochons: Imported from France, these mustards were handpicked by Les Trois Petits Cochons. Moutarde de Dijon is a smooth mustard made simply with mustard seeds, vinegar, water, and sea salt. (7.1 oz)
  • Mini Toasts: A great alternative to plain, old, boring crackers, these mini toasts will surely be noticed at your next party or intimate gathering. (2.8 oz x 2)
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Great Game Day Snacks

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