Gourmet Meat and Potatoes Prepared Meals

Gourmet Meat and Potatoes Prepared Meals_Oak Stove_Prepared Meals
Gourmet Meat and Potatoes Prepared Meals_Oak Stove_Prepared Meals
Gourmet Meat and Potatoes Prepared Meals_Oak Stove_Prepared Meals

Oak Stove

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Enjoy a classic American dinner in minutes with the Oak Stove Gourmet Meat and Potatoes 5 pack of Prepared Meal collection. Made fresh using high quality ingredients and restaurant worthy preparations, these gourmet, chef-driven meals are ready-to-heat and serve at home without the fuss of cook time or clean up. The Oak Stove meals combine classic flavors in simple, gourmet preparations. For a meat and potatoes kind of night, have this collection on hand at home for an effortless dinner or send to friends and family to enjoy!

This collection includes:

  • (3) Meat Loaf (12 portions) : USDA Choice select beef is ground fresh and combined with a blend of aromatics and seasonings and molded into an individual round. Each meat loaf is baked slowly for tenderness and flavor and finished with a sweet tomato glaze. Farm fresh tomatoes are slow roasted to develop sweetness and flavor and serves as the perfect complement to a fresh and juicy baked meat loaf. Dish up ultimate comfort any day of the week with these gourmet hand-formed loaves. Each pack includes (4) individual 3.5 oz portions.
  • (2) Potato Au Gratin (12) portions : Fresh potatoes are hand sliced and layered in a blend of rich cream, butter and fresh grating of gruyere and cheddar cheeses. The rounded molds of gratin are then baked slowly until golden brown. Suitable for vegetarians, the potato au gratin is versatile to enjoy as a gourmet appetizer, brunch side or main course preparation. Simply pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees and bake each individual piece for 10-12 minutes for a restaurant worthy dish. Top with crumbled bacon, freshly chopped chives and a dollop of creme fraiche for a gourmet twist on a classic baked potato. Serve the Oak Stove Potato Au Gratin with a saute of mushrooms and drizzle of truffle oil for the ultimate indulgence! Each pack includes (6) individual 4 oz. Potato Gratin portions.
  • You will receive (12) portions in this Gourmet Prepared Meat and Potatoes collection. All components in this gourmet meal assortment are prepared fresh and frozen immediately to preserve freshness and quality. Meals are ready-to-heat and made using the freshest ingredients. Chicken, beef and other proteins in the gourmet meals are GMO-free and sourced from farms committed to raising animals humanely without the use of hormones or antibiotics. All seafood is wild caught and sourced sustainability, and all ingredients and produce sourced fresh.

    Gourmet Meat and Potatoes Prepared Meals

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