German Sausage & Toppings Collection

German Sausage & Toppings Collection


Origin: Germany

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Schaller & Weber have gained legendary status, known around the world for crafting high quality German style meats and specialties since it's founding in 1937. The Collaborative Sausage Collection allows you to explore a delicious array of handcrafted brats and German specialities from this award-winning producer to sample alone or together!

Using old-world recipes and artisan techniques, Schaller & Weber continue to produce classic, old-world favorites in new and delicious ways. The Truffle Brats are made using a traditional pork recipe and infusion of black winter truffles. These brats are loaded with flavor and delicious grilled with a simple spread of Bavarian mustard. Schaller & Weber partnered with Chef Michael Hamilton of the famed Flower Shop restaurant in NYC to create the 'Snag', a tender pork sausage made with a blend of rich garlic confit, smoky paprika and touch of sage. No German sampling would be complete without the Plymouth Artisan Cheddar brats, a delicious pork sausage inspired by the Austrian Käsekrainer and filled with Plymouth Artisan Cheese Cheddar. Cooked fresh or grilled, this collection of Schaller & Weber brats and German specialties are perfect for having on hand at home or sending to friends and family to enjoy!

This assortment includes:

  • Sauerkraut by Schaller & Weber: Schaller & Weber German Delicatessen Sauerkraut is cabbage perfected. For their all-natural recipe they use only cabbage, water and sea salt, without added fruit, spices or preservatives. (16 oz)
  • Bavarian Sweet & Spicy Mustard by Schaller & Weber: Schaller & Weber’s versatile all-natural Bavarian Sweet & Spicy Mustard is ready to become your go to mustard for every dish. (9.5 oz)
  • The Flower Shop-Aussie Style Snag by Schaller & Weber: This sausage, or "snag" as they’re known in Australia, mixes a tender pork blend with rich confit garlic, smokey paprika, and a pinch of sage. (12 oz)
  • Truffle Brats by Schaller & Weber: Schaller & Weber collaborated with their good friends at The Truffleist to pack these juicy pork brats with rich truffle flavor. Loaded with 2% black winter truffles, the pronounced truffle flavor punches through the palette. (12 oz)
  • Plymouth Artisan Cheddar Brats by Schaller & Weber: Schaller & Weber Cheddar Brats are based on Ferdinand Schaller’s Smoked Sausage recipe and influenced by the Austrian Käsekrainer. Instead of Emmentaler, each link is packed with a Vermont Cheddar from Plymouth Artisan Cheese, the second oldest cheese company in the United States. It all comes together for a tasty dose of smoked flavor, pork filling, and smooth cheddar cheese. (12 oz)
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German Sausage & Toppings Collection

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