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Gastro Obscura

Gastro Obscura Gift Box_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
Gastro Obscura Gift Box_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
Gastro Obscura Gift Box_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
Gastro Obscura Gift Box_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments


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At Gastro Obscura, we aim to feed your curiosity. This box contains an edible journey, with 13 culinary wonders from around the world, hand-picked by our team in partnership with igourmet®. Bon voyage!

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BILTONG South Africa via Brooklyn, USA Every South African butcher sells a version of this beloved, jerky-style snack, made by curing wild game with spices that reflect Malay influence on local cuisine.
AKABANGA CHILI OIL Rwanda What’s so hot, it's served with an eyedropper? Akabanga chili oil, made from Rwandan Scotch bonnet peppers (heat rating: more than 150,000 Scoville units). Start with a single drop.
BOILED CIDER SYRUP Vermont, USA “Apple molasses” is a forgotten delight from colonial New England. Since 1882, Vermont’s Wood family has made theirs from scratch. Stir into hot water or drizzle over pancakes.
ALOE MARMALADE South Korea This silky, gelatinous jam melds the delicate flavors of aloe vera—think melon, chervil, and green vegetables—with sweet honey and a hint of Muscat grape.
CANNED BREAD New England, USA For many years, New Englanders steamed their bread in coffee tins. This molasses-laden comfort food requires opening both sides of the can and using a good thwack to remove the dense treat inside.
HUNZA MULBERRIES Hunza, Pakistan At up to 9,000 feet above sea level, these mineral-rich golden fruits grow on terraced mountainside orchards and sun-dry in the crisp mountain air.
HIBISCUS FLOWERS IN SYRUP Australia The tart raspberry-rhubarb flavor of these wild edible blossoms enhances everything from bright Caribbean tea to Mexican agua frescas. Try one in a flute of Champagne.
SALMIAKKI Scandinavia This version of the salty licorice favored in Scandinavia is called "salmiakki" in Finland, where it is a childhood favorite also enjoyed by adults. Its astringent, bitter flavor comes from ammonium chloride—an ingredient that once featured prominently in cough syrup.
PRICKLY PEAR CACTUS CANDIES Arizona, USA A historic staple food of Southwestern Indigenous peoples, the fuchsia fruit of the prickly pear cactus has been transformed into chewy jelly candy for more than a century.
MIRACLE BERRIES Burkina Faso via Florida These extraordinary berries turn lemons into lemonade. They contain a unique protein that binds to taste buds, turning sour flavors sweet for 30 minutes.
COFFEE & CHICORY New Orleans, USA For centuries, roasted chicory—endive’s root—has been a coffee substitute in times of scarcity. Since the 1860s, it’s given coffee at New Orleans’ beloved Café du Monde a rich, full taste.
BUTTERFLY PEA FLOWER Southeast Asia Unlock this indigo flower’s transformative powers using acid. Play around mixing into water, adding lemon juice and water again and watch the liquid change colors. Add sugar to make cosmic-looking lemonade.
FRIED FAVA BEANS Spain Despite being one of the first cultivated crops, fava beans were an emblem of death among ancient Egyptians and Romans. They’re also a delicious snack.
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Gastro Obscura Gift Box