Frozen Passion Fruit Puree

Frozen Passion Fruit Puree

PacRim Puree

Origin: US-California

Size: 32 ounce



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Passion fruit is a relatively recent crop to Vietnam, the majority of the world’s crop originates from Columbia. Vietnam’s climate is supreme for many exotic fruits and it only made sense to cultivate this fruit which is gaining popularity worldwide. The prized varietal is Tainon One, the seeds of which originate from Taiwan. The Vietnam government is very strict towards importing seeds and cultivating new crops and starting this varietal wasn’t easy. This varietal, slightly smaller in size compared to the Columbian strand has a very consistent flavor and is able to weather changes in climate fairly well. Desired for its superior aromatics and its bright complex tropical flavor

PacRim Puree is committed to sourcing and producing the finest fruit purees available from throughout the Pacific Rim. They are devoted to purchasing directly from the source. Working with local farmers to ensure each crop is harvested at peak flavor and utilizing state-of-the-art, minimal processing. Their purees do not contain any preservatives, colorings or artificial flavorings. Simply, whole fruit, pureed and deep frozen. This promise assures the integrity of each crop, presented in its natural state.

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Frozen Passion Fruit Puree

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