European Christmas Sweets Gift Basket

European Christmas Sweets Gift Basket_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
European Christmas Sweets Gift Basket_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments
European Christmas Sweets Gift Basket_igourmet_Gift Baskets and Assortments


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Nothing’s more joyous than Europe during Christmas. Luckily, their most festive food traditions have found their way across the pond, and we’ve captured the magic with a basket brimming with classic holiday sweets. Figgy pudding and Bordeaux-crafted chocolates will get you from England to France faster than the Channel Tunnel, and you can fly by Sweden on the wings of spice-scented gingersnaps. No layovers required. 

Mini Traditional Panettone: We love that Antica Pasticceria Di Perugia—a long-running Italian bakery—makes this mini version of pannetone, perfect for smaller celebrations. Originally invented in Milan, this towering, fluffy-crumbed, not-too-sweet bread is dotted with raisins and candied citrus zest and traditionally enjoyed during Christmas. Slice into wedges and enjoy with sweet hot beverages or wine.

Schlunder Butter Stollen: No German Christmas celebration is complete without a Stollen on the table. This yeast cake is similar to an Italian panettone, except that it’s rounded into an oval to represent the infant Jesus in a bundle of swaddling clothes. Dotted with a generous amount of almonds and candied fruits, the batter is enriched with butter before being baked to golden perfection. 

Matthew Walker Classic Christmas Pudding: Matthew Walker is the world’s oldest Christmas Pudding maker, dating back to 1899. Also known as plum pudding or figgy pudding (yes, of Christmas carol fame), this is the consummate holiday dessert enjoyed throughout Great Britain. The moist cake is made of 13 core ingredients meant to represent Jesus and his twelve apostles, including dried fruit, spices, cognac, local stout, and brandy, and it’s traditionally served with hard sauce—otherwise known as brandy butter. 

Nyakers Ginger Snaps: Pepparkakor is the Swedish term for gingersnaps, and these spicy cookies hail from the oldest biscuit bakery in Sweden. Their circa-1950’s recipe for whisper-thin cookies is a well-guarded secret, but has become beloved for its perfectly balanced blend of cinnamon, ginger, and clove. 

Dark Chocolate Orange Twigs by Mademoiselle de Margaux: These dark orange twigs are inspired by the Bordeaux wine region, where Mademoiselle de Margaux has operated out of the famed Margeaux vineyard since 1969. Meant to evoke the shape of vine shoots, the expertly crafted chocolates are smooth and rich, with touches of pure orange in every bite.

ChocoCherries by Mitica: These hand-dipped dark chocolate candied cherries are made in Aragon, Spain by the Caro brothers—who have been crafting high-quality confections for generations. The cherries are macerated in sugar for one month, a process that naturally turns them from rich red to pure white. They’re then hand-dipped in velvety dark chocolate, for an intensely decadent treat.

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European Christmas Sweets Gift Basket

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