Etude Winery Cheese Pairing Collection

Etude Pairing Collection - igourmet
Etude Pairing Collection - igourmet
Etude Pairing Collection - igourmet
Etude Pairing Collection - igourmet


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Etude and igourmet have paired up to create a cheese assortment to highlight their gorgeous California wines. Etude was established in 1982, when founding winemaker Tony Soter set his sights on the cool-climate Carneros region in the pursuit of producing world class Pinot Noir. Today, Etude specializes in a selection of white and two classic red varietals - Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. Though modeled on the best from Burgundy and Bordeaux, these wines speak clearly to their contemporary California origins, combining rich, ripe fruit with an elegant structure and opulent mouthfeel.

This collection includes:

  • Toma by Point Reyes: Toma has a creamy, buttery flavor with a grassy tang in the finish. Toma is an all natural, pasteurized cow’s milk, semi-hard, table cheese with a natural rind. The perfect anytime snacking cheese, grilled cheese, mac-n-cheese, omelets, burgers, sauces and casseroles. Anytime, any table - try some of the best California farmstead cheese around. This cheese is also a multiple-award winner! Pair Toma with peaches, honey, fruit compotes, and fig jam. It's wonderful with hop-heavy beers, pinot noir, scotch. (7.5 oz)
  • Roomkaas Double Cream Gouda: Gouda, Holland's best-selling cheese, is made from whole milk, giving the cheese a butterfat content of 48%. To make a cheese that is even creamier, Gouda producers add extra cream to the milk, producing a cheese called Roomkaas with a butterfat content of 60%. Smooth, buttery, and delightful, this cheese pairs well with fresh grapes, pears, and dried Turkish apricots. It's sliceable, it melts beautifully, ideal for making creamy cheese sauces. It also makes delicious omelets, tortillas and potatoes. Melt some on a hot piece of apple pie for a special dessert! (7.5 oz)
  • Comte AOP 6 Month Aged by Charles Arnaud: Comté is a handmade, artisan cheese of the truest type. While modern techniques have been embraced where they can facilitate procedures and increase quality, the production of Comté remains based on traditional methods. Comté milk is produced on more than 3,000 family farms in the mountainous region of French Comté practicing non-intensive agriculture.

    This Comté is aged for sixth months, where it develops a tight-knit texture and satiny body. On the palate, one can detect notes of fruits, hay, and a slightly nutty, smoky flavor gained during the process when the curd is cooked. (7.5 oz)

Etude Winery Cheese Pairing Collection

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