English Chocolate Raspberry Butter Biscuit Cookies

English Chocolate Raspberry Butter Biscuit Cookies

Elegant and English

Origin: United Kingdom

Origin: United Kingdom


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Elegant & English Artisan Biscuits represents a new breed of refined English cookies, proudly offering a taste of history with a recipe that harkens back to 1935. The quality of these biscuits stands the test of time, perfected over the years. Slim, crisp-textured, and delicately shaped like ovals, they are a testament to the art of biscuit making, crafted with pure farm-fresh butter that ensures a rich, refined, and classy indulgence.

As a display of quintessential British style, each biscuit delivers a delightful interplay of subtle and interesting natural flavors, gracefully ebbing and flowing on the palate. The infusion of two flavors within an all-butter biscuit creates a harmonious balance that distinguishes Elegant & English® from ordinary treats.

Elegant & English presents a delightful offering with their Raspberry & Dark Chocolate biscuits, a perfect match for pure Assam tea. These biscuits boast a delightful combination of fruity raspberries and decadent dark chocolate, making them an ideal accompaniment to the bold and robust flavors of Assam tea.

These artisan biscuits are crafted with utmost care and dedication by Artisan Biscuits, a family bakery nestled in the picturesque Derbyshire Peak District in England. For over 70 years, they have remained committed to baking biscuits the old-fashioned way. Using the same time-honored techniques, including bronze rollers and the traditional biscuit-moulding method, they ensure each biscuit maintains the authenticity and excellence that have been cherished for decades. The focus is on using the best quality natural ingredients, eschewing artificial additives or preservatives.

The hands-on approach is evident at every stage of production, as the bakers meticulously sift and weigh the natural ingredients by hand, ensuring consistency and quality. Each batch is carefully tested to perfection, with biscuits baked until the aroma reaches the ideal point, and each one is individually checked with a discerning eye.

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English Chocolate Raspberry Butter Biscuit Cookies

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