Butter Biscuit Cookies

Butter Biscuit Cookies

Elegant and English

Origin: England

Size: 4.4 ounce


SKU: 3908-1

These biscuits represent a new breed of refined English cookies to enjoy. Its recipe harkens back to 1935, and the quality of the biscuit shows that time did perfect it. Slim, crisp-textured, oval biscuits made with pure farm-fresh butter, they are rich, refined, and classy. Displaying typical British style, it offers subtle and interesting natural flavors that ebb and flow on the palate. A balanced infusion of two flavors in an all-butter biscuit!

    Artisan Biscuits is a family bakery in the Derbyshire Peak District, a national park. Based in Ashbourne, England, for over 70 years they have been baking biscuits the old-fashioned way. They use the same bronze rollers and biscuit-moulding method that they have for decades. They still sift and weigh their ingredients by hand, test their mix according to consistency, bake their biscuits until the smell is just right, and check each one by eye. The same way they have done for decades. They use the best quality natural ingredients in everything they bake and never use artificial additives or preservatives.

    Nutritional information coming soon!

    Nutritional information coming soon!

    Nutritional information coming soon!

    Nutritional information coming soon!

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    Butter Biscuit Cookies

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