American Rock Star Cheese Assortment

American Rock Star Cheese Assortment


Origin: USA

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The American Rock Star Cheese Assortment was curated by renowned cheese experts Janet Fletcher and Laura Werlin. To support American cheesemakers and celebrate American Cheese Month in May, Janet and Laura are hosting Cheese O'Clock a series of live cheese and wine tastings. American Rock Stars was the first collection featured in the series.

Assortment includes:

  • Kunik by Nettle Meadow: Nettle Meadow Farms in Warrensburg, NY not only maintains a 50- acre goat and sheep farm, but also supplies their own milk for their line of award-winning cheeses. The Kunik is a blend of fresh goat's milk and Jersey cow cream that redefines the definition of a triple cream cheese in a uniquely American way. The supple texture opens up to a buttery, creme fraiche flavor full of delectable mushroom -like nuances. Aged for 3 to 5 weeks, this farmstead cheese is versatile on any cheese plate and is bound to become your new favorite!
  • Julianna by Capriole Goat Cheese:Hailing from Capriole Goat Cheese in Greenville, IN, Julianna is a crafted goat's milk cheese with a dense, creamy texture and fresh milk sweetness. Aged for 4 to 8 months, this bloomy rind cheese is covered with a fresh bouquet of Herbes de Provence, calendula petals, and safflower petals. This herbaceousness combined with the aesthetic beauty of the herb coating makes Julianna a true standout among artisanal cheeses produced in the US today.
  • Ocooch Mountain by Hidden Valley Creamery: Aged 3 to 4 months, this raw sheep's milk cheese from Hidden Valley Creamery is in the style of an Alpine cheese with a nutty, complex flavor and earthy, caramel-like aroma. The microclimate of Wisconsin’s hilly Driftless region makes Ocooch Mountain truly unique. The sweet, nutty complexity is reminiscent of European mountain cheeses - but defined in a new American way.
  • Bayley Hazen Blue by Jasper Hill Farm: This award-winning stunner from Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont is an example of what defines artisan cheesemaking in the US. Made from raw Ayrshire milk and aged for 4 to 6 months, Bayley Hazen Blue is hands-on from milk to cheese. It is rich with nutty and grassy flavors along with hints of chocolate and licorice. That inviting range of flavors and fudge-like texture is what makes Bayley Hazen a true artisan cheese.

    This all-star lineup of some of Janet’s and Laura’s favorite cheeses along the their selection of the perfect wine pairing of Roederer Estate Extra Dry Brut.

American Rock Star Cheese Assortment

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