Aged to Perfection

Aged to Perfection_igourmet_Cheese Assortments
Aged to Perfection_igourmet_Cheese Assortments
Aged to Perfection_igourmet_Cheese Assortments
Aged to Perfection_igourmet_Cheese Assortments
Aged to Perfection_igourmet_Cheese Assortments
Aged to Perfection_igourmet_Cheese Assortments


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When it comes to tasting cheese, many people wonder, "Do I eat the rind?" The answer? It depends. What isn’t in question is that the rind is the window into the soul of a cheese. It provides clues about the texture and flavors underneath and protects it as it ages. But the rind doesn’t just happen on its own. It is the result of care and attention throughout the aging process. This four-country cheese collection demonstrates that specialized art in every bite and the results speak for themselves. Quite simply, these cheeses are delicious.

Monte Enebro: This creamy, dramatic-looking goat’s milk log is a stunner on a cheeseboard. From the Spanish province of Avila, it was created about 30 years ago by Rafael Baez who is still, with his daughter, the only producer. The aroma is herbaceous, the texture dense and melt-on-the-tongue dreamy. The gorgeous dimpled rind resembles the bark of a birch tree. One taste and you’ll understand why Monte Enebro was voted one of the 100 Best Food Products of Spain.


5 Spoke Creamery Tumbleweed: Made with raw milk from the creamery’s own grass-fed cows, Tumbleweed tastes like a cross between the classic French Cantal and an aged Cheddar. This semi-hard cheese shows its true form after 12 months in the creamery caves about an hour north of New York City. It's delicately fruity with a unique curdy texture. The finish pulls in Cheddar-like creaminess and brothy, brown butter aromas.

Roth Cellars Roth’s Private Reserve: This limited-edition wheel from a much-admired Wisconsin producer is made from raw cow’s milk from local family farms. Like the traditional alpine cheeses that inspired it, Private Reserve is made in copper vats, then transferred to aging cellars where it is brine-washed, brushed, turned and pampered until it has reached optimal flavor, a minimum of six months. Roth’s Private Reserve has a smooth, creamy texture and a rich, robust, beefy flavor with aromas of roasted nuts and caramel.  

Saenkanter: Lovers of super-aged Gouda, take note: We consider this 3-year-old Gouda even better than a 5-year-old farmhouse Gouda because the larger Saenkanter, a hefty 27 pounds, allows for more even ripening and optimal flavor development. Made by a small dairy in northern Holland, this cheese is a prime example of what happens when Gouda is carefully tended during the aging process. The paste firms up considerably but still melts on the tongue. As with many long-aged cheeses, this one sports compelling crunchy protein crystals. Its distinct caramel and butterscotch notes along with a whiskey-like aroma and just the right amount of salt make this a rare find.

Cheese O’Clock is a four-week Zoom cheese and wine tasting series led by cheese authorities Laura Werlin and Janet Fletcher. Different themes, cheeses and wines every time.

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Aged to Perfection

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